Secretary of State
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Occupation: University Accounting Instructor; retired Certified Internal Auditor

Occupational Background: Independent auditor for law firms, governments and corporations; VP & CFO for three corporations; audit manager or accounting manager for two industrial corporations and state government.

Educational Background: MBA in Management, UC Berkeley; BA in Social Sciences, UC Riverside.

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon's first State Audit Manager for performance auditing; performance auditor for the City of Portland and Multnomah County. Contracted audits for Oregon Department of Corrections, Clackamas County Sheriff, and the City of Portland. Elected to the Board of Trustees of the Desert Center Unified School District in Riverside County California.

Richard Morley is clearly the BEST QUALIFIED candidate in this race. Neither a Republican nor Democrat, Morley will work independently to be a watchdog over state spending and reverse the erosion of our initiative petition process.

Morley will work to

End Mandatory Vote by Mail

Use Auditing to Find Money for Schools and Tax Relief

Stop the rejection of legitimate voter signatures on initiative petitions

"This important office should be non-partisan. I am not connected with the two major parties who fight each other to gridlock in Salem. As an experienced leader, I can get things done. My biases are only against waste, inefficiency, and our government's relentless growth."

Richard Morley

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