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Occupation: Business Software

Occupational Background: Led business operations and technology initiatives at major US companies

Educational Background: Masters Degree in Communications, Texas Tech University; Bachelors in Finance & Economics, New Mexico State University

Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Committee Person

Family: Married, four children

Investing in Our Children

Jay Omdahl wants Oregon's children to be the best educated in the nation. Jay has four kids of his own and he knows how important education is to their future. Students should receive nothing less than the best when it comes to education… and we can give that to them.

More Government Accountability, Not New Taxes

Oregonians have repeatedly said 'no' to new taxes, telling elected officials that government must live within its means. Jay knows that to maximize current revenues, we have to focus on enhancing government productivity and create better planning processes for public agencies.

Audits of State Budgets

The first step Jay will fight for is the performance of compre-hensive audits of state budgets – everything from Human Services to Education and Transportation. We must not stop there; we have to take action on those audits. The legislature should require administrators and agency heads to trim waste, streamline processes and look for greater efficiencies throughout their departments.

Fund Programs with a Strong Economy

When we have economic vitality and people are heading back to work, more revenue will be available to fund the programs we agree are necessary. Classrooms will see more funds, prisons can remain in operation and health care will be accessible to the most vulnerable.

"Jay's opponent led the way to increase taxes and supported
measure 30 as he sponsored the state tax to fund Portland
baseball-not our schools. I know Jay's priorities will reflect the
priorities of this district and it is time for a change."

~Jason Williams, Executive Director -
Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Jay Omdahl
In Touch with Our Priorities

(This information furnished by Friends of Jay Omdahl.)