State Senator
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Theresa (Darklady)


Occupation: Freelance writer/public speaker

Occupational Background: Owner, Darklady Productions, Inc. Liaison, Woodhull Freedom Foundation. Ms. Oregon State Leather 2004. Board member, Portland Area Business Association.

Educational Background: Portland State University, BA History and Anthropology. Member phi alpha theta honors society.

Prior Governmental Experience: Libertarian Party of Oregon board member; Vice-Chair, Libertarian Party of Multnomah County.

Theresa "Darklady" Reed
Finally – a Real Alternative

Theresa's community outreach, volunteerism, and fundraising experience is extensive and coalition building. She has raised thousands of dollars for worthy causes and is a voice of hope and empowerment during a time of increasing economic and social hostility.

Difficult times call for innovative thinking and the empowerment of the individual – not more tried and failed methods of partisan bickering. Theresa will not compromise the rights of citizens, but will listen to ideas from both sides of the Senate floor.

Theresa Supports Individual Rights & Community Integrity

Theresa believes that:


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