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Miklosch (Mik)


Occupation: Office Manager – Law Firm (Paid)

Occupational Background: Law Firm Office Management

Educational Background: College

Prior Governmental Experience: None


As Oregonians we take a certain amount of pride in our State, but in recent years, I think we have all felt a level of frustration at seeing our State deteriorate in the way that it has. We are faced with two choices: we can discuss the State's problems at length over a cup of coffee with a friend, or we can take action and get involved. After more caffeine than I care to admit, I have chosen the latter.

As a father of three children in the Hillsboro School District, I cannot stand by as our tax dollars are mismanaged and our school year shortened. As a husband, whose wife was laid off and unable to find work for almost a year, I cannot watch our State lose any more jobs. As a parent, who has paid for family health insurance each month, I cannot ignore the almost 16% increase we have seen in the cost of coverage.

If our legislature cannot cooperate long enough to keep our school doors open and fund our police and fire protection - we have bigger problems than just the budget. There is a solution. Going home to our communities empty-handed is not an option. I am running for State Representative because I think there is a lot more to be done in Salem, and I am ready to work together with both sides of the aisle to get it done.

I encourage you to visit my website at, or call me any time at 503-998-1053. As your next State Representative, I will do what the current legislature is NOT doing….I'll represent you.

Very truly yours,
Miklosch "Mik" Sander

Oregon Education Association
American Federation of Teachers-Oregon
Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon
Oregon Association For Retired Citizens
State Representative Brad Avakian

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