State Representative
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Occupation: Steel Sales Manager.

Occupational Background: Construction, sales, business manager, writer.

Educational Background: Graduate, Grants Pass High School, 1987; Some college.

Prior Governmental Experience: Current chair, Libertarian Party of Josephine County; Past Alt. Moderator, Josephine County Citizens Council.


I am entering because of the apparent abandonment of the values of Limited Government by the Republican Party. Their inability or unwillingness to unite in opposition to Measures 28, 29, and 30, which increased taxes or authorized more debt, has shown me that Republicans do not really believe in limited government.

Since the Republican Party won majorities in the Oregon legislature fourteen years ago, government has grown at an accelerating rate. Because the Republican party has no plans to make big changes in their party's legislative leadership, things are unlikely to change.

Southern Oregon has always had a libertarian culture. Proof lies in the fact that our fiscally conservative, gun-owning majority is generally unconcerned about how others run their lives - as long as they don't hurt anyone else. In contrast, Republican Party leaders often rely upon the force of government to promote their social values. Such an authoritarian view runs against the idea of a self-governing society, the kind envisioned by our founding fathers.

Republicans and Democrats alike have adopted the tactic of threatening the most vulnerable people in our society when we refuse their demands for higher taxes.

Have you ever heard a legislator threaten us with cutting the state motor pool, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission or the Department of Administrative Services if we don't raise taxes? You won't, because they know we won't raise taxes for such expenditures – so they go after our kids and the elderly. Enough is enough.

We must hold our elected officials accountable. Voting for me will send them a strong message. Voting for them has lead us nowhere. Vote Libertarian. Thank you.

Shane Savoie

(This information furnished by Shane Savoie.)