State Representative
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Occupation: Small Business Owner

Occupational Background: Realtor; Outside Sales; Small Business Owner

Educational Background: Wilson High School; Metro Brokers School of Real Estate

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Gabe Schomus: Creating Jobs, Expanding the Economy,
and Limiting Taxes

Because of his own experience as a small businessman, Gabe understands what Oregon needs to expand its economy. By limiting taxes and government spending, Oregon can get back on track. Gabe will work to restore jobs and revitalize the economy so Oregon can enjoy the success its people so richly deserve.

Gabe Schomus: Focusing on Our Schools and
Stabilizing Funding for Education.

Gabe will work hard to strengthen schools. As a parent, Gabe understands that Beaverton schools need better accountability to restore trust to taxpayers. Gabe also wants to promote higher standards, and he knows what it will take to get them back on track. Gabe is committed to supporting programs that will provide Oregon with stable funding for education, such as a rainy day fund.

Gabe Schomus: Promoting Quality of Life

Gabe is dedicated to ensuring safety in our neighborhoods. He is also a strong defender of Oregon's natural resources and will work hard to provide clean water and higher environmental standards for the Metro area. Gabe believes that, by creating effective land use laws and using Oregon's resources wisely we can protect our community for generations to come.

Gabe Schomus: In Touch with House District 27

During the last legislative session, our current Representative, Mark Hass, voted for the largest tax increase in Oregon's history while Oregon was suffering from the nation's highest unemployment, and even now he is promoting a sales tax idea. Gabe Schomus knows that we need more jobs, not more taxes. Gabe Schomus is more in touch with voters in this district, and will represent their best interests.

Elect Gabe Schomus:
It's Time To Get Oregon Back on Track

(This information furnished by Friends of Gabe Schomus.)