Attorney General
donald g. smith jr. photo
Donald G.
Smith, Jr.


Occupation: Mortgage Broker

Occupational Background: Former Attorney, Financial and Estate Planner

Educational Background: JD, University of South Carolina School of Law, BA, University of South Carolina

Prior Governmental Experience: Legislative Aide to Majority Leader, SC House; Member, Multnomah County Citizens Budget Advisory Committee; Chair, Multnomah County Sheriff's Advisory Board; Member, Measure 33 Explanatory Statement Committee

I am a Libertarian.

I believe that government's role in your life should be limited to that laid out by the Oregon and US Constitutions. This means limiting its role in, and thus power over, our lives.

I believe that government is the solution of last resort, not the first. Government should be less involved in your life and to the extent that it is, that it be fully accountable to the people.

The Attorney General's office is currently the legal defense team for State agencies, providing cover through legal opinions for those agencies to do what they want. As Attorney General, I will be the watchdog over state actions, rather than its defense counsel, reining in agency action whenever it exceeds its authority.

I support:

-Investigating all allegations of corruption. I will be proactive in sniffing out cronyism, favoritism, and improper conduct in our government.

-Making it easier for victims of crime to gain restitution for their loss, not just punishment for the criminals.

-Enforcing Article 1 Section 16 of the Constitution that requires juries to judge the law and the facts of a case, allowing juries to refuse to enforce laws they do not believe are fair.

-Defending private citizens' property rights when local governments threaten condemnation for non-public purposes (such as development projects). Government may not take one citizens property for the benefit of another.

-Focusing on violent crimes, property crimes, and identity theft. Given our limited resources, we will shift all effort away from crimes that have no victim, toward crimes that threaten life, limb, and property.

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