State Representative
w. martin soehrman photo
W. Martin


Occupation: Business Owner, Audio-Visual equipment sales, rentals and service

Occupational Background: Broadcast Engineering and Engineering management

Educational Background: BS, Administrative Sciences, Southern Illinois University, EE program, Milwaukee School of Engineering

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Oregon has a wealth of resources, both natural resources and in it's people. Whether you are a construction worker or a teacher, a farmer or a business person, it is not for me or the government to tell you how to do what you do. It is for you to tell government how it can best support you and then stand aside and let you do it. It is time to make Oregon the show place on how everybody benefits when the government is here to serve the people rather than the people here to serve the government.

Government cannot do everything that we wish it could do, but if Oregon government's priorities and values reflect those of our people, Oregon's future is assured and enjoyed by all.

Our priorities include all of these:
1) Provide an atmosphere where the economy can work for us all. We must not penalize with taxation and unnecessary regulation those who are bringing Oregon the most.
2) Provide for public safety and security
3) One of our most valuable resources is our children. We must see that our children have the best education that we can afford.

The Oregon legislature must become proactive in representing the interests of the Oregon citizens ahead of those with special interests. The Oregon Legislature must be proactive to discourage executive and judicial branches from assuming "law-making" functions exceeding their constitutionally defined functions. Oregon legislators must respect both the US and Oregon Constitutions which exist to define government's responsibilities and powers, not limit liberties of its citizens.

(This information furnished by Martin Soehrman.)