State Representative
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Pacific Green

Occupation: GIS Data Technician, writer, energy analyst.

Occupational Background: Commercial real estate appraiser. GIS Data Technician with Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Educational Background: B.S. Business Administration. University of Nebraska at Omaha. M.A. Geography. Arizona State University. 1999 Specialization: GIS, Renewable Energy, Environmental Resources

Prior Governmental Experience: None

The spatial economics of geothermal district energy development in a small, low-density town: A Case Study of Mammoth Lakes, CA. Sommer, Curtis R., Michael Kuby & R. Gordon Bloomquist. Geothermics: Volume 32:1:2003.

How to transition from the Car Culture to the Bike Culture Paradigm. Sommer, Curtis. Grass Roots Ideas To Survive. Dale Alan Pfeiffer, et al. In publication.

I'm running for State Representative to bring accountability and transparency to the Oregon House, and make it more responsive to the citizens and less beholden to corporations. I support campaign finance reform, equitable tax reform, instant run-off voting, and renewable energy development. I also believe our budget crisis is the result of over-reliance on the income tax, but tax reform is only one of several factors that should guide Oregon's economic reform.

Our economy needs an affordable electric power supply, with rate stability and local control through public ownership that empowers communities to encourage sustainable development initiatives. The recent economic downturn is partly the result of the electric rate increases of 2001-02. That is why I support conversion of PGE to a public utility, because electricity is a vital service, not merely a commodity. We need greater efforts in conservation, co-generation, and renewable energy development. I would introduce legislation calling for large scale investment in renewable energy technologies before global oil production begins an inevitable and irreversible decline.

I would work to initiate campaign finance reform in Oregon, one of only six states that do not have clean elections. I support instant run-off voting as a way to ensure majority rule and negate the 'spoiler' argument.

(This information furnished by Curtis Sommer.)