State Representative
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Michael P.


Occupation: Community Volunteer; Retired

Occupational Background: 30 Years Law Enforcement; DEA Agent

Educational Background: Associates and Bachelors Degrees, Criminal Justice

Prior Governmental Experience: US Army; Fort Lauderdale Police; US Drug Enforcement Agency-Special Agent


Michael Spasaro's compassion is rooted in his years of working in the trenches, serving others:

"Michael Spasaro cares about kids and is sincere in wanting to give every child an opportunity for success. Michael is an effective leader with a great heart."

Jim Robinson, Educator, Lebanon

"Michael will provide the common sense leadership we need for jobs and a stable economy. He is committed to the future of our region."

Gary Reed, Reeds Fuel and Trucking, Springfield

"We can't afford more taxes. Families have to live within their budgets and state government should too. Michael Spasaro will have the backbone to fund priority programs like education and make tough decisions."

Chris Seubert, South Eugene

"Michael Spasaro exemplified the ultimate form of bravery when he volunteered as an Air Marshall after 9/11. He's someone I am proud to know and to have worked with."

John Bott, Retired, Former DEA Supervisor


Michael Spasaro works in our district every day as a volunteer and with his wife as involved parents of four. He listens and understands our concerns:

MICHAEL SPASARO for State Representative.
Caring neighbor. Committed leader.

(This information furnished by Friends of Michael Spasaro.)