State Representative
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Occupation: President, KT Contracting Company, Inc.; Owner, Highway Specialties LLC

Occupational Background: Accounting; Computer Lab Technician; Software Developer; Construction Projects Manager; Equipment Operator

Educational Background: Oregon City High School; Portland State University; Instrument-Rated Certified pilot

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Community Activities: President, Oregon Contractors Association; Volunteer Test Proctor, Oregon Concrete & Aggregate Producers Assoc.; Church volunteer; Family & Adoption Services; Primary Teacher; Nursery Teacher; Assistant Librarian

Personal: Keizer Resident; Married 20 years; four children; supporter Haven House for Battered Women

More Jobs, Not More Taxes

"Kim Thatcher runs two small businesses, employing many people in our community. She knows how to find and eliminate wasteful government spending."

Neil Nelson
Hi-Tech Executive and Keizer Resident

"Kim Thatcher will work hard to limit government spending and taxes. Kim has what it takes to make the tough decisions required at the legislature."

Gordon Smith
United States Senator

Education, the Seeds to our Future

"Kim understands that parents and students are the consumers of our public education system – and they should be our first priority. Our schools should be about our kids, not the teachers union. Kim Thatcher is the only candidate in the race who understands this, which is why she has my support."

Rob Kremer
Oregon Education Coalition

Pass a Spending Limit, Hold Politicians and Government Accountable

Kim believes state spending is out of control. She proposes passing a reasonable state-spending limit to get more value out of our tax investments.

"Kim will make a great State Representative! We strongly support her, and ask you to vote for Kim Thatcher."

Jason Williams
Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Some additional endorsements for Kim:

Your Kids, Your Schools PAC
Oregon State Police Officers' Association
Sheriffs of Oregon
National Federation of Independent Business/Oregon
Associated Builders & Contractors Pacific Northwest Chapter
Oregon Nurses Association
Gary George, State Senator
Leslie Lewis, Yamhill County Commissioner
Marion County Farm Bureau

(This information furnished by Friends of Kim Thatcher.)