State Senator
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Occupation: Retired small business owner; Mortgage Broker.

Occupational Background: Teacher, vice-principal and supervisor of teacher interns, Springfield School District 19; Small business owner; publisher's representative for Science Research Associates; radio broadcaster.

Educational Background: University of Oregon, B.S., History; Masters in Education.

Prior Governmental Experience: United States Air Force, Korean Conflict; Republican Precinct committee person. Community Affairs: Junior Chamber of Commerce; Emerald Empire Roundup, board member and president; Maude Kerns Art Center, Auction; Marist Foundation, Auction; married with one daughter.

NORM THOMAS… Small Businessman.

Norm Thomas knows that growing businesses create jobs. Small, local business is the best way to create lasting jobs that benefit the community. The state has to reduce the regulations that interfere with business growth.

NORM THOMAS… Holding the Line on Government Spending.

Norm Thomas believes that the legislature has to pay attention to the defeat of Measure 30. It should be the government's job to be sure every dollar is spent wisely, and to eliminate duplication of effort.

NORM THOMAS…For More Effective Schools!

Norm Thomas' experience as a teacher and a school administrator will help him work for more effective schools. Every school district must be responsibly funded. It is extremely important that school administrators be required to take stronger actions to demand accountability from themselves and from the teachers they supervise.

Endorsed by Oregon Citizens for a Sound Economy PAC.


(This information furnished by Norm Thomas for State Senate 4.)