State Senator
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Occupation: Business Owner, Housing Projects

Occupational Background: Oregon Attorney from 1971 to present

Educational Background: University of Texas, School of Law, LLB; University of Texas, BA; Public Schools

Prior Governmental Experience: Peace Corps Volunteer, South America 1999-2001; Multnomah County Civil Service Commission, Chair 1982-1996; Multnomah County Committees on Land Use and Zoning for Edgefield Property; Director, Portland Bureau of Economic Development; Executive Assistant to Portland's Mayor; Executive Assistant to Portland Commissioner; Senate Committee Assistant, Oregon Legislature 1975; Lieutenant, United States Navy 1967-1971

Family: John and wife Paula; two adult children, Shannon and Mike; granddaughter Izzy; and dog, Clancy. Paula is a retired teacher and primary school principal.

John Wight

Proven Leadership               Real Solutions

We live in a little piece of heaven called Oregon, so why do we need a change in the Legislature?

Job Growth

We read daily about Oregonians and Oregon companies moving out of the State. The opportunities for job growth are limited because of a poor business climate and tax structure created by our Legislature. We need partnerships rather than conflicts between business, labor and education.

The Best Education System in America

We need to create better priorities, more accountability and get more resources into the classroom.

Tax Reform & a Limit on Spending Growth

Everyone agrees that tax reform is a high priority. My opponent even voted for a special session to address tax reform before she decided not to show up. But tax reform is not possible until government proves it can be trusted. Passing a taxpayer bill of rights that requires reductions in old taxes when enacting new taxes, yet allows for responsible spending growth, is critical to passing meaningful tax reform.

Listen and Address the Important Issues First

The politicians aren't listening and they aren't solving the most important problems, like job growth, education and tax reform. We need more listening, less posturing and better priorities.

John Wight Moving Forward

(This information furnished by John Wight.)