Measure 32

Legislative Argument in Support

For as long as anyone can remember, manufactured dwellings which include trailer houses, then mobile homes, and now manufactured homes have been regulated by the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The homes were titled and licensed by DMV along with cars, trucks, campers, motor homes, travel trailers, etc. For a long time, Oregonians have asked why are houses regulated by DMV?

The 2003 Oregon Legislature looked at the existing regulatory framework and concluded that it no longer made sense and change was needed. With the joint support of owners of manufactured dwellings, industry and government, the Legislature reorganized the way these dwellings will be regulated by the State of Oregon (SB 468).

Beginning in May of 2005, DMV's responsibilities to regulate manufactured dwellings will be transferred to the Oregon Building Codes Division (BCD). On that date, manufactured dwellings will no longer be titled as vehicles. Instead, the Building Codes Division will issue an ownership document for the dwelling.

As part of this change, Article IX, Section 3a (1) (b) of the Oregon Constitution must be amended to ensure that fees collected by BCD when issuing the ownership document will remain with BCD. This will permit the Oregon Building Codes Division to use the fees to provide building code related services to owners of these dwellings.

If this measure passes, manufactured dwellings will continue to pay property taxes, the same as any other home.

In addition, the owner of the dwelling will pay highway use fees, such as weight mile fees, when moving the dwelling on the highways. However, once the dwelling has been placed permanently on the building site, the dwelling will not be assessed fees for the highway fund. Owners of other types of dwellings do not pay these fees.

We urge your support for Ballot Measure 32.

Committee Member / Appointed by
Senator Rick Metsger / President of the Senate
Representative Alan Brown / Speaker of the House
Representative Jackie Dingfelder / Speaker of the House

(This Joint Legislative Committee was appointed to provide the legislative argument in support of the ballot measure pursuant to ORS 251.245.)

Argument in Favor


Yesterday's mobile home has evolved into today's modern manufactured home. What was once considered a temporary form of housing has become a source of permanent housing, offering all of the construction quality and amenities of "site-built" homes.

Since the 1950's, these homes have been regulated as vehicles, and titled and licensed by the Oregon Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), along with cars, trucks, motor homes, and travel trailers.

Owners of the homes are required to pay fees to DMV. After paying the appropriate fees, they are issued metal "plates". And like a license plate on a car, the plate must be displayed in the window of the home.

In 2005 all of this will change. The homes will no longer be considered vehicles. Responsibility for regulating these homes will shift from the DMV to the Oregon Building Codes Division (BCD). At that time, these homes will no longer be titled as vehicles. Instead, the BCD will issue an ownership document for the home.

To fully implement this modernization of Oregon law, Article IX, Section 3a (1)(b) of the Oregon Constitution must be amended.

This change to Oregon law is supported by home owners, industry and government. There is no identified opposition to this change.

Please join us in voting yes on Measure 32.

Pat and Fred Schwoch
Manufactured Home Owners of Oregon (OSTA)

Greg Harmon, President
Oregon Manufactured Housing Association

Eva L. I. Arce, President
Oregon Association of County Tax Collectors

(This information furnished by Don Miner, Executive Director, Oregon Manufactured Housing Association.)