OCCUPATION: Executive Director, Northwest Democracy Institute

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Community Activist, Lawyer

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Northwestern School of Law, Lewis & Clark College, J.D. University of Maryland at College Park, B.S.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Environmental Law Specialist, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality; volunteer Pacific Party lobbyist in Salem; member of the Oregon State Bar.


Oregon, the most beautiful place in the world, is at a crossroads. Down one path, the future is bleak. Traffic clogs streets and highways, schools run out of money, prisons dot the landscape; salmon, ancient forests, and pure, clean drinking water all disappear. That path is paved by Republicans and Democrats alike.

The other path leads to a healthy future for ourselves and our children. Trains, trolleys, bikes and busses reduce congestion and pollution. Sensible and sustainable development replaces ugly urban sprawl. School construction outpaces prison construction. Healthy forests provide endless sources of pristine drinking water and a basis for economic security. This path is here right in front of us. All we need is the courage to take it. This is the path of the Pacific Party and Blair Bobier.

Economic Security Requires A Healthy Environment

Pure, clean water from healthy forests is the basis of a number of critical industries in Oregon, including the billion dollar salmon industry, high-tech, and tourism and recreation. These industries, and our drinking water, are threatened by the state and federal governments who allow companies to log on our public lands for private profit. What's worse is that the taxpayers subsidize this destruction. Blair Bobier, a well-respected, long-time environmental activist, opposes subsidizing corporations who ravage our public lands. John Kitzhaber, at best, has stood by idly while Oregon's resources are devastated. At worst, John Kitzhaber has actively aided and abetted the destruction of our economic base.

"We found Bobier to be considerate and intelligent. We encourage him to run for office...." Willamette Week, 10/22/92

"Blair Bobier is a man of integrity, a friend of working people, and the best hope for our future and our kids."
Teresa Keane, Nurse Practitioner and mother of two teen-agers

"Blair Bobier believes in true democracy, where every citizen counts. If you're tired of both Democrats and Republicans, join me in voting for Blair Bobier."
Harry Lonsdale, former Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate


Blair Bobier knows that restoring our forests will provide Oregonians with good paying jobs for as long as there are forests. Blair Bobier supports the National Forest Protection and Restoration Act, and Ballot Measure 64, which will protect our resources while providing assistance to timber-dependent communities. John Kitzhaber's environmental record is terrible: a judge ruled that Kitzhaber's plan to save our salmon was unacceptable. Kitzhaber also supports logging which threatens Eastern Oregon's last wild salmon run on the John Day River.

Sensible and Simple Solutions

Traffic and air quality are getting worse and worse in our cities. Trucks account for 43% of Portland's air pollution. Trucks and cars leave oily residues on our streets which wash into our rivers when it rains. Environmental regulations which are supposed to protect our air and water are too weak and are poorly enforced. Using existing rail lines to move goods instead of trucks and providing inexpensive public transportation will help clean the smog and haze out of our valleys and keep pollution run-off out of our rivers. "Pollution taxes," taxing industries by the amount of pollution they spew into our environment, provide incentives for industries to clean up their acts and work better with less bureaucracy than our current laws.

"Blair Bobier is known for his innovative ideas and dedication in protecting Oregon's rivers and streams."
Paul Loney, President, Oregon Wildlife Federation PAC

Fair Taxation and Health Care for All

Blair Bobier supports expanding the Oregon Health Plan to cover all Oregonians. Blair Bobier knows that our tax system places an unfair burden on working people and believes that corporations and the wealthy should pay their fair share.

Blair Bobier is Smart on Crime

Our tax dollars must be spent wisely to keep violent criminals off our streets. John Kitzhaber wants to waste our money by locking up hundreds of thousands of peaceful Oregonians for possession of small amounts of marijuana. Kitzhaber signed a bill to re-criminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana, subjecting 300,000 otherwise law-abiding adults to imprisonment and their homes and cars to forfeiture. Our prison system is already over-burdened. Kitzhaber, like Richard Nixon who started the "War on Drugs," is willing to lock up scapegoats for political gain.

An Honest, Grassroots Campaign

Blair Bobier supports campaign finance reform and walks his talk. Blair's campaign is being run on a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of dollars pouring into the Sizemore and Kitzhaber campaigns. Isn't this legalized bribery? Don't those contributors of huge sums of money expect something in return?


In a democracy, we get the kind of government that we deserve. Don't we deserve the best for ourselves and our children? Listen to words of David Brower, the founder of the modern American conservation movement:

"Republican leadership that actively erodes the ecological basis for human survival is little different from Democratic leadership that moves toward the same fate through negligence and compromise.

A vote for Blair Bobier is a call for fundamental change and true leadership in creating our collective future."

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Blair Bobier Governor.)

Blair Bobier has agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180 but is not bound by that agreement because an opponent for this election has not agreed to limit expenditures or has exceeded the applicable spending limit.


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