OCCUPATION: Self-employed small computer, network and internet consultant.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Small business owner, computer programmer, ballot initiative information director and retail store manager.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Bachelor of Science, Social Science, Portland State University, 1989. Teacher Training, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1983-84.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Local School Committee, Sunset High School, Beaverton School District, 1997-Present. Local School Committee, Terra Linda Elementary School, Beaverton School District, 1994-1997. Secretary, Washington county citizens' land use committee, Citizens' Participatory Organization #1, 1991-1992. Finalist, Better Government Competition sponsored by the Cascade Policy Institute, 1998. Chair, Libertarian Party of Washington County, 1997-Present. State Chair, Libertarian Party of Oregon, 1993-1994.


If you are a non-affiliated voter, or a Republican or Democrat who votes across party lines, my candidacy could be for you: I am the only candidate for governor who is both fiscally conservative and socially tolerant. I want more of the money you earn to stay in your pocket. I want the personal decisions you face in life to be under your control.


Virtually every pollster and pundit considers the outcome of this race to be a foregone conclusion. Even if true, voting can still be a meaningful act. I am running to provide you with a way to send a message to Salem. By voting for me you tell Republicans and Democrats you are tired of having to choose between your money and your personal liberty. I am running to bring up the important issues which the major parties tend to avoid. By voting for me you can direct the course of public discussion. Your vote is an investment in political innovation.


By the time you read this I will have campaigned in every Oregon county and logged over 10,000 miles on the road. I do this because I realize that no region of Oregon can be taken for granted. Though we need to move forward as a state, we must restore local control to communities. The ideas of limited government and individual liberty resonate across every part of Oregon.

Parents should control the educational direction of their children. To that end I support the establishment of true charter schools to exist alongside traditional schools. Charter schools are public schools run by parents and teachers. They have virtual autonomy over faculty selection and curriculum. Under my plan, 80% of the money currently being spent on each child will follow that child into his or her charter school. The remaining 20% will remain in the traditional school system, increasing per pupil expenditures without new taxes. Charter schools improve academic achievement in many states. They increase parental involvement and reduce crowding. Our school system needs to evolve. Oregon's children deserve the right to choose schools as diverse as they are.


My proposed budget will allow us to lower income taxes by 40%. I also support completely eliminating property taxes, replacing lost revenue through a capped 5% consumption tax. A portion of the tax would go to the state, the rest would go to your local government, restoring local control. I oppose "sin taxes" which unfairly discriminate against the poor and socially unpopular groups.


As an adult, you should be able to own yourself - it is the ultimate property right. I support Oregon's "Death with Dignity" law. I support a person's right to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Though never desirable, access to abortion should remain safe and legal during the first two trimesters of pregnancy. I oppose mandatory seat belt and helmet laws for adults. I oppose government censorship of the internet and other media. No tax dollars should be used to subsidize personal choices or their ramifications.


Most violent crimes, and the "need" for new prisons, can be traced to the black market for drugs. Drug trafficking has made our schools unsafe and plagued our streets with violence. Rather than regulating access to drugs, which creates black markets, we should put society in control by regulating their use. Breaking the black market will move drugs from the schoolyard to the pharmacy. It will dramatically reduce street crime. Our police will spend more time protecting our families and prison space will be freed to keep violent criminals behind bars. Our churches, communities and families will be free to fight drug abuse in a less violent setting. Those who take drugs must bear the responsibility for the harm they cause themselves. Ineffective drug laws help nobody and hurt society.


I will seek the federal waivers needed to implement the Oregon "Opt-Out" plan, endorsed by the 1997 Oregon legislature. Under the plan, funds from your paycheck normally sent to the Social Security Retirement Trust Fund become available for investment in a Personal Retirement Account (PRA). The "Opt-Out" plan ensures that current retirees will continue to receive benefits. It also allows those still in the workforce to take control of their future by investing in a system that provides true security.


"Use the Landslide to Change the Landscape"


515 N.W. Saltzman #751 * Portland, OR 97229

Phone: (503) 531-8976 * Fax: (503) 533-9021

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(This information furnished by Richard Burke.)

Richard P. Burke has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.


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