OCCUPATION: Executive Director, Oregon Taxpayers United, a 19,000-member taxpayer organization dedicated to lowering taxes and eliminating government waste.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: small business owner/operator


PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Governor Atiyeh's task force on workers compensation reform; petition coordinator for initiative to reinstate capital punishment; chief petitioner for ballot measure to limit property tax increases and initiative to reduce state income taxes.

Family: Married to Cindy Sizemore. Five children: Ryan, 14; Jeffrey, 8; Becky, 7; Kristin, 5; and Ashley, 4.

Bill Sizemore has sponsored several ballot measures which have reduced taxes in Oregon by hundreds of millions of dollars. His success at reducing taxes has made him some very powerful enemies, primarily the public employee unions and big city newspaper editors, who together have waged an inaccurate and unfair campaign to discredit him personally. Those who know Bill Sizemore, however, know him to be not only an articulate spokesman, gifted leader, and advocate for the everyday taxpayer, but also a decent and honest person, a loving husband and an extraordinarily dedicated father.

As you read the following, we hope you will discover what Bill Sizemore is really all about - and that his views are much closer to yours than are John Kitzhaber's.

Bill Sizemore: no new taxes; discipline restored to our schools; school curriculum clearly focused on academic achievement; local control of land use policy; swift and sure sentencing for criminals; well-maintained roads; and government that treats taxpayer dollars like real money, or

John Kitzhaber: higher taxes; merely throwing money at problems in our schools; state control of land use policy; a revolving-door criminal justice system; congested highways; and continued government waste.

Following is a comparison of the views and policies of Bill Sizemore and John Kitzhaber on a wide variety of issues. We suggest you place a checkmark by the name of the candidate with which you agree, and then total the checkmarks when finished.

Bill Sizemore has sponsored several ballot measures to save Oregonians hundreds of millions of dollars per year in property taxes.
John Kitzhaber opposed Bill Sizemore's property tax limitation measures.

Bill Sizemore sponsored a measure placing a three-percent cap on future property tax increases to prevent taxing everyday Oregonians out of their homes.
John Kitzhaber actively opposed the three-percent cap measure.

Bill Sizemore worked to insure that surplus income taxes were returned to taxpayers as required by law.
John Kitzhaberasked the legislature to change the kicker law and keep the income tax surplus rather than returning it to the taxpayers.

Bill Sizemore supports making all federal income taxes deductible on taxpayers' state income tax returns to prevent double taxation.
John Kitzhaber supports requiring taxpayers to pay state income taxes on their federal income taxes.

Bill Sizemore opposes increasing gas taxes.
John Kitzhaber has promised, if reelected, to seek a nine-cent per gallon gas tax increase, a doubling or tripling of vehicle registration fees, and a monthly transportation "access" fee added to each telephone bill.

Bill Sizemore opposes taxing motorists for each mile they drive.
John Kitzhaber has proposed a brand new odometer tax, to tax Oregonians for each mile they drive.

Bill Sizemore supports constructing additional highways to relieve congestion.
John Kitzhaber opposes building new highways, but rather supports more money for a bus and light rail system used by less than three percent of the population.

Bill Sizemore believes real problems in schools are not related to money. He supports limiting money spent on administration, restoring discipline to the classroom, and requiring kids to perform at grade level before moving to the next grade.
John Kitzhaber believes schools need more money. Has taken no steps to restore discipline in schools.

Bill Sizemore supports using phonics to teach children to read.
John Kitzhabervetoed a bill to make phonics material available to teachers who wanted to use it.

Bill Sizemore believes welfare recipients should be required to work.
John Kitzhaberblocked bill requiring that welfare recipients work.

Bill Sizemore has stated that he will discipline or fire any state employee who dumps money left over at the end of the year just so they can ask for more.
John Kitzhaber has not disciplined state managers for dumping end-of-the-year budget surpluses, even though doing so is common practice.

Bill Sizemore supports mandatory sentencing for violent and repeat offenders.
John Kitzhaberopposes "three strikes you're out" and voter-approved mandatory sentencing for violent offenders.

Bill Sizemore opposes additional restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.
John Kitzhaber supports placing additional restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.

Bill Sizemore supports paying just compensation to property owners when government regulations reduce the value of their property.
John Kitzhaber opposes paying compensation when government regulations reduce the value of someone's property.

Bill Sizemore has pledged not to accept campaign contributions from public employee unions because the governor negotiates pay raises with those same unions.
John Kitzhaber has accepted huge contributions from public employee unions and then gives them huge pay increases.

Bill Sizemoresupports honoring those who have fought our nation's battles wherever they have been sent.
John Kitzhaber: led a black armband, anti-Vietnam demonstration, would have been a conscientious objector if drafted, and vetoed a recent bill to build a nursing home for veterans.

When given the facts, the choice really is quite clear. Please join us in voting Bill Sizemore for governor.

For more details contact Sizemore for Governor: (503) 655-1395;

(This information furnished by People for Sizemore.)

Bill Sizemore has agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180 but is not bound by that agreement because an opponent for this election has not agreed to limit expenditures or has exceeded the applicable spending limit.


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