Natural Law

OCCUPATION: Alternative health care educator and entrepreneur in the nutriceutical industry

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Peace Corps Volunteer in South Korea as a teacher of English to Korean students and Korean English teachers; teacher of the Transcendental Meditation Program since 1977

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: B.S. in Speech Pathology from Pacific University in Forest Grove (1970), with a minor in Education


My life has been devoted to education--education that provides both practical knowledge and improved quality of life. I'm running for Governor of Oregon with the Natural Law Party because I feel that this party's programs can truly secure lasting health, progress, and prosperity for all Oregonians. Here's why.

The Natural Law Party stands for prevention-oriented government, conflict-free politics, and proven solutions that bring national life into harmony with natural law, including

I am a passionate alternative health care educator and an entrepreneur with a home-based business in the nutriceutical industry. For years I have educated Oregonians to protect their health and prevent disease through diet, exercise, meditation, and dietary supplements. My success? A major health care plan now actually pays its enrollees to take the dietary supplements I market-- recognizing that when people take recourse to prevention, they won't use their insurance as often.

Sadly, though, Americans are not getting healthier. Despite the annual $1 trillion spent on U.S. health care, too many Americans are in poor health: 100 million suffer from at least one chronic disease. Yet recent research shows that 50% of deaths and 70% of disease in America are self-inflicted--caused by an epidemic of unhealthy habits, including improper diet, inadequate exercise, smoking, and alcohol abuse. Thus, the vast majority of disease is preventable.

Proven, effective, cost-effective preventive programs already exist and could cut our spiraling health care costs by 50%, but these programs have been largely ignored by government. Implemen-ting such programs in Oregon could save billions of dollars annually--funds that could immediately be invested in other statewide and local initiatives to improve the quality of life.

Preventive approaches also apply to environmental issues. I live in Lincoln City on the coast of Oregon, and I adore this state with its beautiful ocean and mountains, its gorgeous seasons, and its clean, fresh air. The Natural Law Party promotes programs to bring life into accord with natural law, and Oregon's healing environment testifies to the wisdom of this approach.

Among environmental health issues, I am especially concerned about genetically engineered foods. Many leading scientists believe that bioengineered DNA could have profoundly negative impacts on the environment and on human life. Yet many foods have already been genetically engineered with pig, insect, virus, or bacteria genes and are currently being sold in supermarkets--without being labeled. No research currently examines the long-term effects that genetically engineered foods might have on our bodies; moreover, genetically engineered organisms, once released into the environment, can never be recalled. Given current health conditions in America, I feel we should demand labeling of such foods and declare a moratorium on planting such crops until rigorous safety tests are done.

To protect the environment, we must 1) implement sustainable agriculture to reduce the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, which pollute soil and groundwater and pose real threats to wildlife and human health; 2) reduce fossil fuel usage by developing alternative, sustainable energy sources that can stimulate the economy (e.g., cleaner air reduces the medical costs of respiratory disease); and 3) lead the global effort to prevent the destruction of the earth's forests, the decimation of the diversity of species, and the potential damage from ozone depletion and the greenhouse effect. But such initiatives will inevitably fail if they threaten the economic security of thousands of families without providing alternatives. Therefore, we also need to protect jobs and boost the economy through education to harness our greatest resource--the unlimited creativity of our citizens.

As a life-long educator, I feel that education should be for enlightenment--the full development of mind, body, and behavior. The Natural Law Party promotes proven educational programs that directly increase intelligence and creativity and simultaneously improve moral reasoning, self-reliance, and mental and physical health. These programs include sound approaches to nutrition; natural, preventive health measures; effective drug prevention programs; and innovative curriculum development. This consciousness-based approach to education develops full human potential while providing mastery of the technical skills necessary to compete in today's job market, thereby developing knowledgeable, highly creative citizens who can fulfill their own goals while simultaneously promoting the interests of society.

Please join me in creating a better Oregon. Your vote for me will usher in a higher quality of life for all our citizens.

(This information furnished by Patti Steurer.)

Patti Steurer has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.


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