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OCCUPATION: Associate Justice, Oregon Supreme Court. Appointed by Governor John Kitzhaber, February 1998.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Judge, Oregon Court of Appeals, 1993-1998. Professor of Political Science, Willamette University, 1970-1992. Associate Professor of Law, Willamette University, 1984-1992. Visiting Professor of Law, University of Bridgeport, Summer, 1985. Judicial Fellow, United States Supreme Court, 1983-84. Law clerk, Hon. Alfred T. Goodwin, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, 1982-83. Intern, Senator Mark O. Hatfield, 1967. Summer work during graduate school for Daily Shipping News (Portland). Summer work during college at radio station KPAM-FM and Tektronix. During high school, baby sat, picked berries, and mowed lawns.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: J.D., Willamette University (1981 - cum laude); Ph.D in Government, Claremont Graduate School (1971 - with distinction); M.A. in Government, Claremont Graduate School (1970); B.A. in Political Science, Willamette University (1968 - magna cum laude). Graduate, Sunset High School (Beaverton) (1964). Post-doctoral fellowships at Duke University, Bowdoin College, Princeton University and Stanford Law School.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Oregon Criminal Justice Council, 1992 (Chair - Committee on Probation Violations); Oregon Commission on the U.S. Constitutional Bicentennial, 1985-1987; Marion-Polk Local Government Boundary Commission, 1972-1980; Salem Sister City Commission, 1974-1976.


Volunteer mediator, Polk County Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program and Marion County Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program; Grant Neighborhood Litter Patrol; evaluator of North Salem High School graduation projects; judge "We the People" competition for Classroom Law Project and Center for Civic Education; presenter, annual Classroom Law Project Summer Institute; Willamette Valley Inns of Court; former board member, Oregon Law Institute.


Co-author of texts on constitutional law and dispute resolution. Author and co-author of several law review and academic journal articles.


Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, August 16, 1946. Moved to Oregon in 1961. Sunset High School representative to Girls' State and Oregon's representative to Girls' Nation (1963); winner, National Elks Leadership contest (1964). Married to Willamette University mathematics professor Richard S. Hall, Jr.

"For more than two decades, from Washington, D.C., to Oregon, I have had the pleasure to know and work with Sue Leeson as she has progressed from university professor to United States Supreme Court fellow to appellate court judge. In each stage of her life, Justice Leeson has shown herself to be a committed public servant, a model of integrity, and a demanding but compassionate legal scholar. Justice Leeson has worked tirelessly to turn her talents to the benefit of the community--as a local volunteer for the Polk County Victim-Offender Program, through the countless hours she has spent nurturing young students, and through the substantial written contributions she has made to the law. Voters should retain Justice Leeson's thoughtful voice on the Oregon Supreme Court."

- Mark O. Hatfield, U.S. Senator (Retired)

"Justice Leeson has proven herself to be a hardworking, productive, thorough judge who takes the law and her judicial responsibilities--but not herself--very seriously. She thinks and writes clearly and treats litigants fairly. She also has a good sense of humor and brings a healthy dose of common sense to her work. Voters should retain Justice Leeson on the Oregon Supreme Court."

- Hon. Betty Roberts, Senior Associate Justice,

Oregon Supreme Court

"Sue has a razor-sharp mind, speaks and writes plain English, lives modestly, is as honest as the day is long, honors her mother, is adored by her friends, works from sun up to sun down and has both feet on the ground."

- Richard Breen, Professor of Law,

Willamette University

"Sue Leeson is a smart, energetic judge who should be retained."

- Jacob Tanzer, former Associate Justice,

Oregon Supreme Court

"In addition to writing clear, well-reasoned opinions (and a lot of them), Sue Leeson has been a leader in bringing innovation to the Oregon appellate courts. The appellate settlement conference program gives civil litigants an opportunity to resolve their disputes more quickly, comprehensively, and at less cost than through protracted litigation. Justice Leeson saw the need for such a program and spearheaded its creation. We need Justice Leeson's hard work and creative spirit on the Oregon Supreme Court."

- Judy Henry, Director, Appellate Settlement Conference Program; former president, Oregon State Bar

"I am confident [Justice Leeson] will be an exceptional and inval- uable addition to the Supreme Court. Her academic rigor, tempered by real-life experience, will serve Oregon well."

- Governor John Kitzhaber

(News conference statement, February 26, 1998.)

(This information furnished by Retain Justice Leeson.)

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