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OCCUPATION: Judge, Oregon Court of Appeals

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Judge, Multnomah County Circuit Court; Attorney; farm worker; cannery worker

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Univ. of Oregon, JD; Portland State Univ., B.S.; Willamette Univ.; Hillsboro Union HS

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Judge, Oregon Court of Appeals, 10 years; Judge, Multnomah County Circuit Court, 10 years; US Navy active and reserve for 30+ years, retired as captain.

FAMILY: Two children; two grandchildren

Judge William Riggs For Supreme Court

The Only Judge for the Job

With 20 years distinguished experience as a judge (including 10 years on the Oregon Court of Appeals), a record of fairness, a reputation for integrity and support throughout every part of Oregon, there has never been a clearer choice for Supreme Court than Judge William Riggs.

"Judge Bill Riggs is the only candidate with judicial experience. He also has a record of fairness, and it is important that justice stay above politics. That is why Judge Bill Riggs is the clear choice for Oregon State Supreme Court."

Governor John Kitzhaber, M.D.

"Judge William Riggs has 10 years of solid service on the Oregon Court of Appeals on top of 10 years as a circuit court judge in Multnomah County...Riggs is an intelligent, common-sense jurist who has the respect of the bar and a legal briefcase full of endorsements."

Oregonian, April 29, 1998

He's Earned Our Trust

Judge Riggs has won the respect of those with whom he has worked, including judges, attorneys and his shipmates in the Navy, where he won several awards and medals, including the Defense Meritorious Service Medal. Even candidates who ran against him in the primary election have endorsed Judge Riggs.

"As candidates for this seat during the primary, we urge Oregonians to vote for the best-qualified candidate on the ballot this November: Judge Bill Riggs. Judge Riggs will maintain the integrity and independence that is so important for Oregon's Supreme Court."

Jim Westwood and James Rice

A Tough, No-Nonsense Approach to Crime

Judge Riggs served for 10 years on the Multnomah County Circuit Court, during which time he sentenced hundreds of criminals to hard time. Judge Riggs understands the impact of crime on our communities. He is the candidate who has delivered justice for victims of crime first-hand. Judge Riggs was a Director of the Oregon Judicial Foundation for Criminal Justice ­ an organization that educates judges, attorneys, and citizens on the impact of crime on adult and child victims.

"As police managers, we believe the State Supreme Court needs a judge with a broad view of crime control and police issues. [Judge Riggs'] demonstrated concern for the priorities of working law enforcement professionals has earned our support."

Portland Police Commanding Officers Association

Keeping Politics Out of the Supreme Court

Beyond being the only candidate with judicial experience, Judge Riggs is also the choice to keep politics out of our judicial system. He is not a politician. He has no personal or ideological agenda he wants to push. Judge Riggs will keep the Supreme Court impartial, fair and above politics. And that is an important difference in this race.

"The danger is in electing a politician rather than a qualified jurist...Far and away the best candidate in the race for Supreme Court this time around is William Riggs. This is so because he is the only candidate with any experience as a judge...Please join us in voting for Judge William Riggs."

Wallowa County Chieftain, May 14, 1998

Oregon's Overwhelming Choice

Judge Riggs has earned the support of newspapers, organizations, community leaders, elected officials and citizens in every part of Oregon. Rarely has there been such a dramatic difference in support between two candidates. There is a good reason for that: this may be the most important vote you cast this year. Just some endorsements include:

"Riggs' record is one of common sense and objectivity. He would bring a tough-on-crime approach to the bench, balanced by a legitimate concern for the rights of individuals and workers. His objectivity has won him the backing of a wide variety of organizations and individuals that include Democrats and Republicans alike. Riggs is the clear choice for position 7 of the Oregon Supreme Court."

Hermiston Herald, April 29, 1998

"...we favor Riggs because of his demonstrated judicial competence and because (of) his background, which includes the handling of many criminal cases..."

Eugene Register-Guard, May 5, 1998

"Legal observers say [Riggs] is one of the best judges on the hard-working -- some might say overworked -- Court of Appeals. Riggs would bring not only experience, but also a strong work ethic to the Supreme Court...The time he spent on the Circuit Court and the Court of Appeals has prepared him well for the decisions he would have to make on the Supreme Court."

East Oregonian (Pendleton), May 5, 1998

Governor John Kitzhaber

US Senator Ron Wyden

Honorable Phil Keisling

State Senator Neil Bryant

Former Governor Neil Goldschmidt

Former Governor Barbara Roberts

Former Republican State Treasurer Bill Rutherford

Honorable Norma Paulus

Honorable Betty Roberts

Honorable Mary Deits

Honorable Rex Armstong

Honorable Virginia Linder

Jim Westwood, Esq.

James Rice, Esq.

Jack Faust, Esq.

Jake Tanzer, Esq.

Sheriffs of Oregon

Portland Police Commanding Officers Association

Multnomah County Corrections Officers Association

Oregon AFL-CIO

Northwest Oregon Labor Council

Oregon Education Association

American Federation of State, County, Municipal Employees Council 75

Oregon Public Employees Union, SEIU, Local 503

(This information furnished by Judge Riggs for Supreme Court Committee.)

Nonpartisan Candidates

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