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OCCUPATION: Judge, Court of Appeals, Position 7.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Partner in the law firm of Welch, Bruun, Green & Wollheim, Portland; Judicial Clerk, Oregon Court of Appeals; Legal Assistant; Window Washer; and Cab Driver.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland State University, B.S., 1979; Northwestern School of Law, Lewis & Clark College, J.D., 1983.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Judge, Oregon Court of Appeals; Judicial Clerk, Oregon Court of Appeals; and Committee Member, 24-Hour Health Care Advisory Committee, Workers' Compensation Division.


Judge Wollheim clerked for the Oregon Court of Appeals and then spent over 13 years arguing appeals before the Oregon appellate courts.

"We agree Bob has the experience, temperament and knowledge from his years of experience to be an outstanding Court of Appeals Judge."
Former Court of Appeals Chief Judge George Joseph and former Court of Appeals Judge John Warden.


Bob and his wife, Karen, live in Portland with their children, Josh, age 14, Theo, age 10, and Nate, age 10. All the children attend public schools. For the past few years the entire family volunteers monthly at the Northeast Emergency Food Program. Last year Bob was the coach of Josh's 8th grade basketball team and the assistant coach of the twins' 4th grade basketball team.


Judge Wollheim served on the Legal Services Program Committee, Oregon State Bar. Judge Wollheim served on the Board of Directors of the Multnomah County Legal Aid Service from 1993 to 1998, where he was Secretary from 1994 to 1995 and Board Chair from 1995 to 1997. Judge Wollheim was on the Board of Director's of the Labor's Community Service Agency from 1996 to 1998. Judge Wollheim was also on the Board of Directors of the Willamette Valley Law Project from 1989 to 1988, where he served as Vice-president and President. Previously Judge Wollheim volunteered with the Volunteer Lawyers' Project, representing low income clients for free. Judge Wollheim also serves as a volunteer judge for the Mock Trial program for high school students.


"Bob Wollheim draws upon both a wealth of experience arguing before the Court of Appeals and a commitment to principled community involvement and his appointment reflects the Court's tradition of efficiency and legal excellence."
Governor John Kitzhaber, M.D, February 27, 1998.

"I've known Bob Wollheim for almost 30 years. He is an excellent Court of Appeals Judge."
Sidney Lezak, Former United States Attorney for Oregon.

"Before becoming a judge, Bob Wollheim was my choice to represent my clients before the Court of Appeals. He is an asset to the people of Oregon."
Kate Donnelly, Eugene Attorney.

"Bob Wollheim has the intellect and temperament to serve the people of Oregon as a Court of Appeals Judge."
J. Robert Moon, Jr., Baker City Attorney.

"I've known Bob Wollheim since law school. I've always been impressed with his willingness to listen to people. He is a great choice for the Court of Appeals."
David Tilton, Coos Bay Attorney.

"Judge Wollheim is well known for his broad knowledge of the law and his ability to explain the law to both lawyers and clients."
Linda Love, Lake Oswego Attorney.

"Bob Wollheim was a hard working attorney. He is well known for his sense of fairness and common sense."
Arthur Stevens, Medford Attorney.

"Bob and his family have been my neighbors for ten years. Our kids have grown together. He knows what it takes to raise a family today. He knows what it takes to run a small business, I fully support him."
Sue Ayers. Portland Small Business Owner and Homemaker.


(This information furnished by Committee to Retain Judge Robert Wollheim.)

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