Libertarian Party Statement

The Libertarian Party stands for personal freedom and individual responsibility. We offer what the Republicans once did -- lower taxes. We offer what the Democrats once did -- personal freedom. Unlike liberals, we want government out of your pocketbooks. Unlike conservatives, we want government out of your private choices. We are the home for independent minded voters, including those who have been abandoned by the Republicans and Democrats. We are winning more elections and we are changing public policy.

The Libertarian Party is not driven by big money special interests; our strength comes from voters like you. We offer a new future of liberty, prosperity, and security. Libertarians believe that government should protect your property, civil liberties, and personal safety. The greatest threat to the security of your homes, schools, and neighborhoods is the black market created by the war on drugs. The black market brings gang violence, police corruption, and social decay.

Decriminalization of drugs will break the hold criminals and social predators have on our youth. Churches, families, and communities will compassionately help those who struggle with drugs, while teaching children that drug abuse is wrong. Decriminalization will free police to protect our streets, and free prison space to keep violent criminals locked up.

As Harry Browne said in his book, Why Government Doesn't Work: "Imagine paying only half the taxes you're paying now. You could move into a better home, finance a more comfortable retirement, send your children to the private school of your choice, support your favorite cause or charity in a way that would make a significant difference, or save up to go into business for yourself."

Mr. Browne continued, "With lower taxes, your family could live well on the income of just one spouse -- so the other parent could choose to stay home and raise your children in the values you believe, rather than leaving their moral training to strangers."

Libertarians believe as you do that the education of our youth is paramount to a healthy society. By expanding your choices, Libertarians make it possible for you to get the best education for your children.


The State Committee of the Libertarian Party of Oregon supports or opposes the following statewide ballot measures:

Measure 54 -- NO -- Don't increase state debt. (Amends Constitution: Authorizes State To Guarantee Bonded Indebtedness of Certain Education Districts.)

Measure 57 -- NO -- Don't make a bad problem worse. (Makes Possession of Limited Amount of Marijuana Class C Misdemeanor.)

Measure 59 -- YES -- End welfare for politicians. (Amends Constitution: Prohibits Using Public Resources to Collect Money for Political Purposes.)

Measure 61 -- NO -- Leave sentencing choices to judges. (Changes Minimum Sentences For Listed Crimes, Including Certain Repeat Offenses.)

Measure 62 -- NO --Violates US Constitution. (Amends Constitution: Requires Campaign Finance Disclosures, Regulates Signature Gathering, Guarantees Contribution Methods.)

Measure 64 -- NO -- Violates rights and destroys jobs. (Prohibits Many Present Timber Harvest Practices, Imposes More Restrictive Regulations.)

Measure 65 -- YES -- Make the legislature do its job. (Amends Constitution: Creates Process For Requiring Legislature to Review Administrative Rules.)

Measure 67 -- YES -- Leave medicine to patients and doctors. (Allows Medical Use of Marijuana Within Limits, Establishes Permit System.)

For more information on our comprehensive program, call (800) 829-1992 or in the Portland area please call (503) 359-4003. Or you can visit our website at HTTP://WWW.TELEPORT.COM/~LPO

Please support our candidates and read their Voter Pamphlet statements.

Don't waste your vote on candidates who will not protect your rights. For principled representation and a real change from politics as usual, vote Libertarian.

(This information furnished by Libertarian Party of Oregon.)

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