Pacific Party Statement

The Pacific Party is an independent, grassroots political party dedicated to protecting our economic and environmental security. We have grown because of the inability or unwillingness of the major political parties to solve or address Oregon's real problems. The Pacific Party gives you a new and different voice in the political system. We need your support and your vote.

The Pacific Party will work to end the continued centralization of political and economic power. We accept the challenge of
infusing the present system with future focus, ecological wisdom, and the accountability of office holders and corporations.

Our vision is towards peace, justice, basic human equality, and personal self-determination. We strive to create and
maintain an ecologically sustainable society.


The Pacific Party recognizes that inequality, militarism, poverty and pollution plague our society and government. We envision and strive to create a community-based grassroots democracy that will overcome these problems.

Since 1991, the Pacific Party has been actively working in our communities to protect the beauty and livability of Oregon. We
recognize that today's decisions will affect our children and our children's children. We know that what is in our best interest
ecologically, is also in our best interest economically. Protecting Oregon's forests protects Oregon's economy.

Our tourism and recreation industries depend on having healthy trees standing in our forests. Our clean drinking water comes from and requires healthy forests. Maintaining and restoring our forests is cheaper and makes more sense than building expensive water filtration plants.

We strive to:

Achieving peace, justice, and a sustainable environment will require that people work within present institutions while simultaneously creating new ones. The Pacific Party respects the diversity of approaches necessary to attain these goals.


The Pacific Party is a founding member of the Association of State Green Parties and represents the international Green Movement in Oregon. You won't be able to find us on a traditional "right to left" political spectrum because we are neither right nor left, we are out front, in the lead, creating the new mainstream of Oregon. We are your friends and neighbors, we are union members and small business owners, we are nurses, accountants and construction workers; we come from all walks of life.

Pacific Party candidates, like our 1996 presidential candidate Ralph Nader, are proven leaders who will protect the public interest. Our candidate for Governor, Blair Bobier, is the Executive Director of the Northwest Democracy Institute and a long-time environmental activist. U.S. Senate candidate Karyn Moskowitz is an economist who has documented how taxpayers subsidize clear-cutting and environmental destruction of our public lands.

Our local candidates have records of honest leadership, working for the public interest in their communities. We are proud of all our Pacific Party candidates and each deserve your vote. Please join us in voting for:

Karyn Moskowitz, US Senate;
Blair Bobier, Governor;
Michael Donnelly, 5th Congressional District;
Deborah Howes, House District 17;
Stan Kahn, House District 14;
Jodi Robindottir, House District 20;
Barry Joe Stull, House District 12; and,
Dr. Eric Dover, Marion County Commissioner Seat #2

Vote Pacific for grassroots democracy! Vote Pacific for a healthy economy and environment! Vote Pacific for your children. Together we can create a better future. Keep Oregon Green in 1998 and in years to come. Vote Pacific!

We encourage you to get to know us better. Have a question? Call us at 503.238.1856. Write to us at: PO Box 1223, University Station, Portland, OR 97207. Or visit our web site:





(This information furnished by Pacific Party.)

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