Socialist Party Statement


This election year you may hear candidates talk about less government, big government or even no government. The candidates of the Socialist Party are committed to bringing good government to Oregon.


You may hear discussion about a loss of confidence in the political process and apathy on the part of voters. Socialists are committed to restoring that confidence by giving voters true choices and by running candidates that stand for more than just muddled "bipartisanism."


The media will likely marginalize Socialist candidates, but political diversity is crucial for a healthy democracy. The Socialist Party stands for democratizing the institutions, both political and economic, that affect the lives of each of us. We bring almost a century of collective political experience and our recent successes at the ballot box in several local elections.

A vote for the Socialist Party is a vote for:

The Socialist Party stands for the belief that a healthy economy with a healthy environment goes hand in hand with creating healthy and stable communities. If you work for a living, we urge you to THINK DEMOCRACY--VOTE SOCIALIST! If you want to put real democracy and good government into the political process, THINK DEMOCRACY--VOTE SOCIALIST! And if you want candidates that you can count on to represent you and not big money, THINK DEMOCRACY-- VOTE SOCIALIST!

Socialist Party Candidates

U.S. Senate: Dean Braa
1st Congressional District: John Hyrciuk
2nd Congressional District: Rohn "Grandpa" Webb
3rd Congressional District: Walter F. Brown
4th Congressional District: Karl Sorg
5th Congressional District: Ed Dover
Governor: Trey Smith
Oregon House District 6: Jonathan R. Axt
Oregon House District 7: David W. Gillette
Oregon House District 13: John Dukehart
Oregon House District 40: Donna Frazier
Oregon House District 55: Michael McGinnis
Oregon House District 60: Darlene "Grandma" Webb
Oregon Senate District 16: Della Smith

Socialist Party of Oregon
333 State St.
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 378-7812


(This information furnished by Socialist Party of Oregon.)

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