Representative In Congress


OCCUPATION: U.S. Congressman

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: administrator; elected official

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: B.A.; J.D. Lewis and Clark College; Northwestern School of Law

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Representative from Southeast Portland, Oregon State Legislature; Board Member, Portland Community College; Multnomah County Commissioner, Portland City Commissioner; U.S. Congressman

Congressman Earl Blumenauer
Local Results
* National Leadership

Since we elected him as our Congressman, Earl Blumenauer has worked hard on the issues that matter most to our community. He has also won wide attention for bringing Oregon ideas and innovation to the task of making the entire nation more livable.

Delivering for the Third Congressional District

Protecting the Columbia River Gorge ­Earl led the successful fight to secure $8 million for critical land purchases in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

Defending Educational Opportunity ­Earl knows that smaller class sizes are critical to our children's success. He is supporting federal action to hire more teachers, fix school buildings and connect to the Internet.

Securing Transportation Funding ­A member of the powerful Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Earl is fighting to strengthen funding for Oregon's roads, bridges, sidewalks, bikeways and transit.

Safer Neighborhoods ­Earl wrote legislation to secure guns in the home and away from curious children, depressed teens and dangerous criminals. Locally, he helped form the Oregon Safe Handgun Storage Coalition that brought law enforcement officials, health care providers and others to common ground --- the health and safety of our children.

Creating a More Livable Future Across the Nation

Earl has become a nationally recognized leader in making communities better places to live and work, and is developing a "Livability Agenda" to make it happen.

Earl stays in touch with his innovative use of community forums, connecting veterans, students, educators, business leaders, seniors and many others. Week after week, Earl comes home to work for protection of the Columbia River Gorge, support for local postal service in East Multnomah County, light rail to the airport and for livability projects in Sandy, Gresham and Milwaukie.

"On protecting the Columbia Gorge, Blumenauer has donned the mantle of retired Sen. Mark Hatfield, R-Ore., who helped write the 1986 law creating the scenic area and a bi-state commission to oversee local development."

Northwest Letter,
February 27, 1998

"Blumenauer's idea is... about making all communities safer, more healthful and more efficient, by changing law and custom to give citizens more responsibility, and voice. And making government live up to its own rules.
Neal R. Peirce, Oregonian, March 17, 1997

Blumenauer is "...part of one of the most exciting movements in the country... an emerging effort to look at our metropolitan areas and figure out how we might reorganize the way we spend money, make decisions and organize growth."
E.J. Dionne Jr., Oregonian, August 4, 1997

"Oregon Reps. Earl Blumenauer and Peter DeFazio, both on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, are particularly well placed to pursue Oregon's thoughtful transportation agenda."
Oregonian Editorial, July 21, 1997

"A tip of the beaver hat to Earl Blumenauer for trying to make the U.S. Congress a smoke-free workplace... Blumenauer is drafting legislation to ban smoking in the rooms and corridors that connect to the House floor."
Jonathan Nicholas, Oregonian, September 22, 1997

"Various groups, including Oregon Gun Owners and the Oregon Medical and Nurses Association, and individuals, such as Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Noelle and U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., are promoting a sound idea for home gun safety. They've formed the Oregon Safe Handgun Storage Coalition to protect children by encouraging gun owners to keep weapons in lock boxes."
Oregonian Editorial, July 12, 1997

(This information furnished by Earl Blumenauer for Congress.)

Representative in Congress

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