Representative in Congress


OCCUPATION: General Counsel, Oregon Consumer League (volunteer position). Owner- operator with wife, Lower Siletz River Tree Farm (184.48-acre reforestation project -- nominated in 1987 by Oregon Forestry Depart-ment's Lincoln County Service Forester as County Tree Farmer of the Year).

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: aircraft factory riveter; mailman; radio technician; construction laborer; warehouseman; electronics maintenance & research; prosecutor & public defender; attorney for disabled military personnel in worker's compensation cases; appellate attorney in Washington, D.C.; trial court judge; fulltime faculty, Northwestern School of Law, Lewis & Clark College (1970-80); state legislator; county counsel & deputy district attorney.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University of Southern California on GI Bill, B.A. (Phi Beta Kappa) & J.D.; Harvard Law School (graduate seminar in constitutional law); Boston University, M.A. (Government); U.S. Army JAG School; University of Oregon, M.L.S.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: U.S. Navy -- volunteered at age 17 during WWII & served in Pacific & China; volunteered during Korean Conflict & served at Great Lakes, Ill.; served as senior legal officer at U.S. Naval Station, Subic Bay, Philippines, volunteered for short assignment in Vietnam as special prosecutor of Navy officer for theft; retired Commander JAGC USN (1944-70). Public member, Multnomah County Public Safety Retirement Board (1972-74). Member, Consumer Advisory Committee, Oregon Agriculture Department (1972-73); Oregon State Senator (1975-86); Governor's Commission on Senior Services (1984-86); Member; Western States Forestry Task Force (1984-86); Malheur County Counsel & Deputy District Attorney (1989-91).

FAMILY: Married 48 years. Three grown sons.

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES, MEMBERSHIPS & CONTRIBUTIONS: Alliance for Democracy; American Legion; Amnesty International; CARE; Center for Defense Information; Citizens for Tax Fairness (board member); Common Cause (Federal Affairs Chair, Oregon); Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon (charter member); Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund; Friends Committee on National Legislation; Friends of the Earth; Jobs With Justice; League of Conservation Voters; Mazamas (since 1972); NAACP (since 1949); National Eagle Scout Ass'n; Oregon Consumer League (board member since 1971); Oregon State Council of Sr. Citizens; OSPIRG; Public Citizen; Rachel Carson Council, Sierra Club (since 1957; life member); UNICEF; VFW (life member).


"It was the Socialist Party that first advocated creation of a Social Security system. It was the Socialists who demanded that the federal government guarantee workers the right of bargain collectively, set a minimum wage and a limit on working hours."

(Dick Meister, Oregonian, 9/4/91)


Some great Americans have been socialists: Eugene Victor Debs (American Railway Union founder), Mary "Mother" Jones (Steelworkers organizer), Helen Keller (deaf & blind lecturer), Susan B. Anthony (woman's-suffrage leader), Margaret Sanger (birth-control leader), Walter & Roy Reuther (Auto Workers founders), Norman Thomas (Harlem minister & "The Conscience of America"), Emma Lazarus (poet, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free"), Jack London (author, Call of the Wild), W.E.B. DuBois (African-American leader), Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. (civil rights leader) Upton Sinclair (author, The Jungle), Michael Harrington (author, The Other America), Congressman Meyer London (chief sponsor of first workers' compensation law passed in Congress), Carl Sandburg (Lincoln author), Albert Einstein (physicist).

A. Philip Randolph, "Father of the Civil Rights Movement", founder of the Railway Pullman Porters Union, and the first African-American Vice President of the AFL-CIO, received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Johnson in 1964.


Enact universal health insurance like Canada's single-payer system. The American College of Surgeons has endorsed such a system. Single-payer is socialized health insurance (like MEDICARE), not socialized medicine (like the British Health Service).

Strengthen Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, AFDC, WIC, Headstart, and vocational education. Support lowering the Social Security retirement and Medicare age to 62. Provide longterm skilled nursing care for Americans with Alzheimer's and other "longterm" medical conditions.

Strengthen Clean Air, Water, Endangered Species laws. Zero tolerance for dumping toxic chemicals in public waterways. "Since 1992" the U.S. EPA and Army have permitted the Port of Portland to dump dredged silt, contaminated with "PCBs, coal tar and heavy metals", in Ross Island's lagoon (Oregonian, 8/6/98) During Brown six sessions in the Oregon Senate, he was rated 100% in all but one session by the Oregon Environmental Council.

Repeal NAFTA & GATT. Demand fair trade, not so-called "free trade". Reduce outsourcing, downsizing, exporting jobs. The closure of the Pendleton Woolen Mills' shirt factory in Milwaukie was blamed on NAFTA by the plant manager. All of the workers (mostly women, many single parents and widows) lost their jobs. During Brown's six sessions in the Oregon Senate, he was rated 100% in all but one session by the Oregon AFL-CIO. The Sierra Club in Oregon has publicly criticized Rep. Blumenauer for his support of President Clinton's "fast track" international trade legislation, an issue on which organized labor agrees.

Balance the budget honestly, not "on the backs" of the surplus monies in the Social Security, Highway, Aviation and other trust funds. This funds were previously "off budget" until Congress put them "on budget" during the Vietnam War to mask the high cost of defense expenditures.

Oppose a national sales tax. Make income taxes more progressive. Packwood's Tax Simplification Act was neither simple or just. Social Security benefits and unemployment compensation should not be taxed.

Actively support political, economic, and social democracy.


For more information contact: Socialist Party of Multnomah County, P. O. Box 5633, Portland 97228 or telephone 636-4150

(This information furnished by Committee of 1,000 to Elect Walt Brown to Congress.)

Representative in Congress

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