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Natural Law

OCCUPATION: Loan Officer

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Psychiatric nurse and diet planner, Dammasch State Hospital, Wilsonville, Oregon (six years)

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Psychology, Oregon College of Education; Government, Maharishi University of Management, Iowa; Paralegal Training,

National Investigators Association, Oregon


America needs solutions to its problems--effective solutions that can be implemented on a realistic financial basis. That's why I'm running for U.S. Congress with the Natural Law Party. My party offers a practical, comprehensive approach to achieve this goal.

The Natural Law Party stands for prevention-oriented government, conflict-free politics, and proven solutions that bring national life into harmony with natural law, including

Here's how some of these programs will benefit you.

Recent medical statistics indicate that 50% of deaths and 70% of diseases in America are caused by an epidemic of unhealthy behaviors, including improper diet, inadequate exercise, smoking, and alcohol abuse. The Natural Law Party's effective, cost-effective preventive health care programs could stem this epidemic and have been shown to cut health care costs in half, thereby generating new revenues, alleviating human suffering, and expanding insurance options for our citizens.

Effective crime prevention can also cut costs. Citizens of our district are debating where to locate our new prison, but more prisons haven't reduced crime. America already has over 1.2 million citizens in prison, and the numbers rise by 5% per year, with violent offenders accounting for 50% of the increase in state prisons since 1990. We need effective prevention, not more prisons.

The Natural Law Party supports field-tested crime prevention and rehabilitation programs that have been proven to reduce individual and social stress and lower the rate at which individuals return to prison.

We can also reduce national expenditures and improve our quality of life through increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable, safe, and non-polluting energy sources such as solar, wind, and bio-mass. This approach will protect our environment, create energy self-sufficiency, and add to economic prosperity. By creating new jobs and industries in energy conservation and renewable energy sources, we can move away from the hazardous and wasteful use of fossil fuels in ways that will simultaneously benefit the environment and save the nation hundreds of billions of dollars. We need to clean up pollution, protect Oregon's precious environmental resources, and preserve bio-diversity, but we also need to protect the economic security of our families. Natural law-based programs can do both.

On the sound basis of increased savings, the Natural Law Party can cut taxes deeply--and responsibly--without adding to the deficit or cutting essential services. Revenues generated by the Natural Law Party's cost-effective solutions to crime, spiraling health costs, and other costly social problems can offer a realistic foundation for significant tax reduction that protects the integrity of our important social programs.

The increased revenues form prevention-oriented programs can also help fund important educational initiatives. In today's information-based economy, intelligence and creativity (i.e., innovation and ideas) drive economic growth. Clearly, America's most precious natural resource is our human resource--the unlimited creative potential of our 260 million citizens. The Natural Law Party strongly advocates proven educational, job training, and apprenticeship programs that develop intelligence and creativity and bring life into accord with natural law. Only the full utilization of our human resource through the Natural Law Party's fundamental commitment to education will ensure America's competitiveness and future leadership in the family of nations.

We also want to ensure that these effective, comprehensive solutions are not overridden by the bipartisan conflict and special interest control that has paralyzed and subverted American democracy. According to many scholars, 90% of the key ideas that have shaped our democracy, such as the abolition of slavery and a woman's right to vote, came from third parties. Yet current campaign laws unfairly discriminate against independent and third-party candidates, and the Republican and Democratic parties continue to exert an effective stranglehold on the political process, preventing crucial new ideas from emerging. The Natural Law Party supports long-overdue election and campaign reforms to ensure

(a) equal access to the ballot, the media, and the public for all qualified candidates,

(b) the elimination of PAC and soft-money funding of campaigns, and

(c) a shift toward public sponsorship of campaigns in order to reduce the undue influence of special interest money on election outcomes.

Only the Natural Law Party offers such a comprehensive, realistic platform to solve the problems of our nation and to ensure progress and prosperity for all our citizens. Please join me in this great opportunity to vastly improve the quality of life for America. Please vote for me on November 3. Support proven solutions.

(This information furnished by Natural Law Party.)

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