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OCCUPATION: Small business owner, Kevin M. Campbell Consulting Services inc.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Grant County Judge, Canyon City, Oregon; Store owner, Howard Mercantile, Kimberly, Oregon; Rancher, Campbell Livestock, Inc., Kimberly, Oregon; Ground Operations Manager, G & H Aircraft, El Monte, CA; Area Credit and Collections Manager, General Electric Credit Corp., San Diego, CA; Journeyman Boilermaker, FMC Corp. Portland, Oregon

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, University of Portland, 1973; Graduate, Monument High school, Monument, Oregon 1969

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: County Judge; President, Oregon Youth Conservation Corps; President, Association of Oregon Counties; Chair, Northeast Oregon Area Health Education Center; Member, Oregon Health Sciences University AHEC Program Advisory Committee; Member, Oregon Transportation Policy Committee; Member, Oregon Aeronautics Advisory Committee; Chair, Monument Soil and Water Conservation District; Vice-Chair, Oregon Soil and Water Conservation Commission; Vice-Chair, John Day Basin Council

Community Involvement:
Kiwanis; Monument School Budget committee; Commission on Children and Families; Elks; Grant County Federal Credit Union Supervisory Committee

"Kevin Campbell will be a strong advocate for the people of the 2nd District. Kevin has my highest respect and I urge you to join me in supporting him."
Governor John Kitzhaber

"We are exporting way to much of our most valuable resource - our children"
Kevin Campbell

Because economic opportunity is not as great here as it is in Portland area, many of our youth are not able to make a living and raise our grandchildren here. The 2nd District contributes to the prosperity of the state and should benefit proportionately. We must expand our economic opportunities and protect our quality of life. I will expand opportunities for working families, small business owners, farmers, ranchers and students.

"Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work"
Kevin Campbell

It is time to end the petty partisan bickering that reduces the effectiveness of Congress and discourages citizen participation in the electoral process. It is time to ask REAL people in the district to come up with REAL solutions to the problems we face every day. I have experience bringing diverse people together for ground-up solutions. The people of this District want participation and ownership.

"Let's put the 'security' back in social security"
Kevin Campbell

We have deferred our responsibilities to our parents and children far too long.. IF there is ANY excess money in the Federal budget, it must be used to pay back the Social Security system. It is time to stand up and make Social Security a solvent program again.

"Dr. choice is essential for health care consumers"
Kevin Campbell

The choice of who will provide your medical care should not be a privilege for those who can afford it, but a right we all share. Patient rights must be our highest priority.

I believe:

"Democrats found a fine candidate for 2nd District race"
East Oregonian 4/30/98

"Kevin Campbell, a former Grant County Judge has a distinct advantage over his competitors. He has a wealth of experience with local government in Oregon and, as a native Oregonian, he knows the 2nd District well. A conservative Democrat, Campbell was raised on a ranch near Kimberly in Northwestern Grant County."
Baker City Herald, 4/28/98

"Rural Democrat has important message"
Eugene Register-Guard, 6/12/98

I have the experience and the ability to be the independent Congressman the 2nd district deserves. Throughout my career as a rancher, businessman, and public servant, I have worked to bring people together to find solutions to our challenges. That's how we do things out here - we're practical, independent people who work together for the good of our communities. That's what I will continue to do as your member of Congress.


It used to be that when someone wanted your vote for Congress, they'd come up to you and ask. But, in these days of polls and television commercials, we aren't getting better candidates, we're just getting candidates that are a bit slicker.

I've never believed that the best way to solve a problem is to throw money at it, and I won't run a campaign for Congress that way either. That's why, when my opponent is spending his time at a desk raising record amounts of dollars from special interest groups, I've challenged him to a debate in every one of the 2nd District's 20 counties. So far, he hasn't accepted even one.

But even if my opponent won't agree to come to your county for a debate, I can still be there to listen to your ideas. If you don't see me soon in your area, please call me at (541) 388-4800. If I am not available when you call, I WILL get back to you promptly.

(This information furnished by Kevin Campbell for Congress.)

Representative in Congress

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