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OCCUPATION: Construction Worker; Small Business Owner

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Construction and related work; Property Manager; Resort Owner/ Operator; Volunteer Environmental Work; Lumber Millworker; Youth Counselor; Auto Worker

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Graduated High School in 1967; Associate of Arts Degree in 1967; attended Michigan State University 1969 - 1971


Michael Donnelly supports a Livable, Sustainable Oregon. Here are his positions on issues that will either lead us toward or away from that goal:

Quality of Life

We live here because of Oregon's natural beauty. Over 1000 people per week have been joining us since 1990. Another 500,000 are on the way. How we deal with Growth and our Natural Resources will determine whether or not our Quality of Life stays high or suffers.


Like it or not those new Oregonians are here and on the way. We must stop subsidizing inappropriate development. Development must pay its share of the costs of growth.

We also can't just pave our way out of congestion. We must develop more user-friendly Public Transportation, including light-rail, fast trains and bike and other non-motorized alternatives.

Natural Resources

We must move away from subsidized extraction of resources from our public lands. Irresponsible clearcutting of our watersheds has led to a crisis in species and in domestic water quality.

Future jobs will be created by restoring our damaged watersheds and protecting our community drinking water supplies.. I support the National Forest Restoration and Protection Act which would end the non-sustainable practices and put people to work renewing our damaged resource base.

Peace Dividend

The Cold War is over. Where is the Peace Dividend we were promised? Let's spend the money on our future. We are the world's only superpower. We don't need to continue to plan and fund for multiple, simultaneous wars. We don't need to police the World.

Health Care

The Universal Health Care we all deserve is a hallmark of a modern nation state. Corporate control of Public Health has led to quality of care dropping below that readily available in many of the world's countries.


We must provide quality schools for all our children. Oregon's children must be able to compete equally with those from other states and nations in the Century ahead.


We now incarcerate a larger percentage of our citizens than any other country ever. Does that make you feel safer? We simply cannot incarcerate our way to a safe, sane society. Half of all African-American males have spent time behind bars. The subsidized prison-building spree must end and real alternatives must be sought.

Primarily, Drug Use must be treated as the Public Health issue it is, not as a crime. Prison space now cluttered with drug offenders must be used to segregate the most violent among us. The criminal use of guns against fellow citizens must become the main focus of law enforcement.

Campaign Finance Reform

We must get the big bucks out of politics. Representatives must be accountable to the public, not to the array of fat cat contributors that now dominate the process. It's not even the illegal stuff, but the LEGAL, everyday reality of campaign financing that we must address.

Reining in the Corporations

All of the above issues are ultimately dominated, not by the wishes of the majority of citizens, but by the considerable economic clout of big corporations. For us to reclaim our power as citizens of this land, we must curtail the short-sighted dominance of self-serving corporations.

Freedom and Justice

We must assure that NO citizen is ever subjected to Second Class status. Workers Rights, Civil Rights, Gay and Lesbian Rights, Religious Freedom and Reproductive Rights and the Right of Citizens to know of toxic chemicals stored and/or used in their communities must be defended.

The Democratic Right to Vote

Less than one in four eligible voters bothered to vote in this year's Primary Election. We have seen a downward trend in voting rates for a number of years now. I am running to offer an additional choice to voters who may feel that they currently have no choices. Our democracy is based on citizen participation. Through the years, many people have given their all, including their lives, to protect our right to vote. Please exercise your democratic right to vote.

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(This information furnished by Michael Donnelly.)

Representative in Congress

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