Representative in Congress


OCCUPATION: U.S. Representative

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Reading, music and physical education teacher in Woodburn, Gervais, David Douglas, and St. Mary's schools

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: B.S., Oregon State University

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: West Linn City Councilor, 1977-1980; Oregon State Representative 1981-1987; Clackamas County Commissioner, 1987-1996

FAMILY: Son Chad; daughter Erin

"Darlene Hooley is a fiscal conservative with a social conscience."
--Governor John Kitzhaber

"Hooley builds record for helping...she is using the power of her office to change people's lives one by one."
--The Statesman Journal, January 20, 1998


"Twenty-five years ago, my son Chad fell off a swing and hit his head on the concrete below the swings. I couldn't understand why children's playground equipment had such a hard surface below it, so I asked the city to replace the concrete with a softer, safer surface. Even though I arranged to have the labor and many of the materials donated, the city said no. So I ran for city council and was elected. I have been working hard ever since to bring a common sense approach to government.

I urge you to take a good look at my record. If you like what I have done, I ask you to send me back to Congress for a second term."
--Darlene Hooley

Overhauling the IRS

Preventing Juvenile Crime

  • Led efforts to make juveniles more accountable for their actions the first time they commit a crime
  • Supported efforts to strengthen anti-gang programs
  • Secured funding for after-school programs to keep kids safe

Improving Public Education

  • Defended public schools against cuts in federal funding
  • Relieved overcrowding in schools by supporting plans to hire 100,000 new teachers
  • Prepared Oregon's students for tomorrow's high-tech jobs by advocating for technical training in school

Making College Affordable

* Fought for education tax credits worth up to $1500 a year for the first two years of college

* Helped establish new tax-free education savings accounts so parents can save for their children's education.

* Secured the largest increase in Pell Grant funding in U.S. history

* Instituted a new lifetime learning tax credit for adults returning to school, changing careers, or upgrading their skills

Supporting Senior Citizens

  • Secured federal funding to stop telemarketing scams directed at Oregon seniors
  • Fought successfully against deep cuts in Medicare
  • Supported plans to use the budget surplus to save Social Security

Keeping Government Out of Our Private Lives

  • Supports keeping the government out of a woman's personal, private decisions
  • Endorsed by Voters for Choice

Protecting Taxpayers

  • Provided estate tax relief to farmers and family businesses
  • Secured health insurance deductions for people who are self-employed
  • Cut capital gains taxes

Balancing the Budget

  • Helped balance the budget for the first time in more than 25 years
  • Worked to keep interest rates low and increase investments

An Advocate For Oregon's Coastal Communities

  • Prevented efforts to take the Army Corps dredges away from the Oregon Coast
  • Secured funding for flood prevention efforts

"Darlene Hooley has come to know and understand the needs of the Oregon Coast. She is visible, responsive, and prompt to respond to concerns important to the coastal region."
--Don Mann, Manager, Port of Newport

"Darlene's help in acquiring federal funds for local communities has been a real benefit to Oregon."
--Sue Cameron, Tillamook County Commissioner

Bringing Democrats and Republicans Together

  • Developed bi-partisan tax cut plan that did not bust the budget
  • Worked to bring Democrats and Republicans together to fix the campaign finance system


(This information furnished by Hooley for Congress.)

Representative in Congress

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