Representative In Congress


OCCUPATION: Owner, Beaver State Tree Service

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Warehouse, loader-driver

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Currently pursuing a degree in Political Science at Portland State University.


Family: Three children (ages 28, 20, 6).

I am the only candidate who is not bought and paid for by the big special interests (mostly corporate) that primarily fund the campaigns of Wu and Bordonaro. These two major party candidates are not free to truly represent the interests of the workaday people of this district because they are beholden to those that fund their campaigns.

When it comes to economic issues both the Republicans and the Democrats have become one party: the party of big money. "I would much rather vote for someone I want and not get them, than to vote for someone I don't' want and get them.""

My platform: 1) Campaign Finance Reform. The most urgent political issue of our time. Special interests money must be taken completely out of the political process. What we have now is nothing less than a system of legalized bribery whereby politicians take money from big contributors and in turn represent their interests instead of the interests of the vast majority of the people. We could replace this utterly corrupting system with a new system of complete public financing of campaigns that would cost only about $5 per voter per year. Television stations would be required to provide free air time to all candidates.

2 Capitalism and Corporations. Corporations must be made to be socially responsible. Socialism, as I define it, is capitalism that is socially responsible. The so-called free market will never make itself socially responsible because it is motivated only by profits. This system of unfettered and global corporate capitalism is totally dysfunctional and is resulting in the environmental plundering of the planet, gross exploitation of working people everywhere in the world, and obscenely large concentrations of wealth in the hands of a very few at the top. Right now, in the United States, the top 1% of the population have about 47% of the total wealth of the country and more wealth than the bottom 90% combined. At the same tine the incomes of 80% of Americans have bee stagnating or declining for the last 25 years, 25% of our children are growing up in poverty, and the crime and incarceration rate are by far the highest of any in the industrialized world. By any reasonable standard, this cannot be defined as a successful system. We the people need to take back the government that is supposed to belong to us and forge a new system that is conducive to the greater goals of social justice, economic equality and opportunity and respect for human rights and the environment.

3) The military budget is obscenely oversized. Nine years after the end of the cold war, it still consumes 47% of the discretionary federal budget and is larger than the next 10 countries in the world combined. The military budget should be reduce by three-fourths within 5 to 7 years. The U.S. would still have by far the largest military in the world and the enormous savings could be reinvested for human needs, the environment and education.

4) The Tax System. First, raise the corporate income tax and get corporations off welfare. Corporations don't pay their fair share of taxes. In the 1960's corporations paid 80 cents in tax to every $1 for individuals. Today that ratio is down to 20 cents on the dollar. In terms of welfare, corporations are the true "welfare mommas" of the United States as they receive four and one-half times 170 billion) the amount of welfare that is given to people in the form of tax breaks, subsidies and outright giveaways. Second, restore the progressive income tax rate. Those who have the privilege and benefit of making more should be giving back more to the system that allows them to do so. Third, raise the income ceiling for paying social security tax from its current $68,000 to much higher. This would take the burden for funding social security off the middle and lower classes and would insure the survival of the system.

5) Repeal NAFTA and GATT. No so-called free trade agreement should ever be adopted that does not make the rights of workers and the environment at least equal to the rights of capital. Fair trade not free trade.

6) Education. $5 billions is desperately needed to simply repair the dilapidated conditions of mostly inner city schools. School funding should be equalized on a nationwide basis.

7) Health Care. Universal health care with a Canadian style single payer system. This would eliminate the private insurance companies who have no business being involved in health care. Health care should not be a for profit industry. This system, while not perfect, would cost far less, work better and everybody would be covered.

8) Jobs and labor. Raise the minimum wage to the level of a living wage. (about $10 per hour) No person who is working full time should be subjected to living below the poverty line. It is a human rights issue as well as a labor rights issue. I oppose the permanent replacement of strikers.

9) Environmental protection. The protection of the environment has to be the most paramount issue of our time. All economic growth must be fundamentally based on whether it is ecologically sustainable.

(This information furnished by Friends and Neighbors of John Hryciuk.)

Representative in Congress

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