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OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: '88-present, Sheet Metal Worker (welder); '85-'88 house-husband; '82-85 wholesale produce, foreman, driver; '80-'82 restaurant owner; '69-'80 wholesale produce, driver, foreman, manager; '67-'69 restaurant worker; '63-67 U.S. Army; '61-'63 series of short-term jobs.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: 1961 Graduate of Centennial High School, largely autodidactic.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Nearly four years in the U.S. Army Security Agency, Communications Security Analyst, Armed Courier. Top Secret/Crypto Security Clearance. Three years in Korea.


Help stop global warming by reducing the friction created by the Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves... VOTE LIBERTARIAN!


  • Education: Our public schools have become a laboratory for social engineering and a grotesque caricature of what a school system should be. More emphasis is placed on "self esteem" than on any real learning. Many of our high school graduates know virtually nothing of our history or the principles upon which this Republic was founded. A disgusting percentage of them cannot read their own diploma. Alternative schools, including home schooling, private schools, and charter schools should be encouraged to provide competition to "traditional" public schools. Education is far too important to be entrusted to the government or the National Education Association.

  • Environment: Industrial polluters, ought to be required to clean up their own mess, at their own expense. Our dependence on timber for paper pulp and petroleum for synthetic fabrics could be reduced significantly by re-legalizing the growing of hemp. Private enterprise should be encouraged to develop cleaner alternative fuels and more efficient usage of traditional fuels. Land use and zoning laws should be modified to allow more people to work from their own home. Private enterprise should design new developments with a mix of housing and businesses to enable more people to commute via fuel-less forms of transportation.

  • Asset forfeiture laws: Asset forfeiture laws, purportedly used to seize the ill-gotten assets of evildoers are, more often than not, used to seize property simply because it's there. These laws are blatantly unconstitutional in that they fly in the face of Fourth Amendment provisions against unreasonable search and seizure and Fifth Amendment provisions against the taking of private property without due process of law. Local and federal "law enforcement" officers can, and do, seize the property of innocent citizens without a charge ever being filed, often on the word of an anonymous "informant" or because a person "fits the profile" of certain types of criminal. The proceeds are often put to personal use by the seizing officer or agency. This is "legalized" theft.

  • Welfare: Provide opportunity, not a handout. Nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government authorized to provide charity from the public treasury.

  • Gun Control: The Gun Control Act of 1968 is virtually a translation of Hitler's gun control act of 1938. Why do we need Nazi laws in the United States? The ultimate goal of the anti-gun lunatic fringe is a total ban on the private possession of firearms. Their goal must never be realized! It's happened in Russia, Germany, China, Cambodia, and Tibet, to name a few. How many million people died as a result? To say it can't happen here is ludicrous, it's happening in Britain, Canada and Australia. The Second Amendment exists for the sole purpose of providing the citizenry with the wherewithal to resist tyranny. We are closer to becoming a police state now than at any time in our history.

  • War on Drugs: More properly referred to as the bi-partisan assault against the Bill of Rights. Prohibition did not work with alcohol, how can it possibly work with marijuana? Bill smoked it, Newt smoked it, Owlgore smoked it. Look where it got them.

  • Crime: Punish real crime with real time. Forget about punishing consensual or victimless "crime" among adults. Juvenile crime should be nipped in the bud, with the first offense. Maybe it's time to bring back the old-fashioned stocks and pillories. Require perpetrators to compensate their victims in addition to any jail time they may serve.

  • Federalism: The federal government is bound to the constraints of the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. It has, for over a hundred years, far exceeded it's lawful limits. Power constitutionally reserved to the states and/or the people has been unlawfully usurped by a federal government bent on concentrating as much power in Washington, D.C. as possible. The federal government, regardless of whether it's controlled by demon-rats or republi-frauds, has assumed the right to dictate to the states in matters where it has no legitimate concern.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Put the federal government back in it's proper place VOTE LIBERTARIAN!

Vote BLAINE THALLHEIMER to represent Oregon's 5th District.

(This information furnished by Thallheimer for Congress.)

Representative in Congress

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