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OCCUPATION: Small Business Owner ­ (Radio Stations: KIHR, K105.5, KACI AM & FM); Columbia River Bank Board Director

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Press Secretary, Chief of Staff: Congressman Denny Smith; Press Assistant: Atiyeh for Governor. Radio announcer; TV News Director.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Journalism Degree, University of Oregon; Hood River Valley High School graduate.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: State Representative, 1989-1995; State Senator, 1995-1997

Greg Walden: Tested and Trusted in Public Office The Kind of Representative We Need in Congress

Experience and Effectiveness Matter.

We need a congressman who has the credibility and experience to get things done. Republicans elected Greg Walden Oregon House Majority Leader in 1991 and 1993. Senator Gordon Smith named Walden Assistant Senate Majority Leader in 1995. Greg Walden has proven he can earn the support of his colleagues and deliver for his constituents. This is not the time for on-the-job training. That's why Congressman Bob Smith asked Greg to run for Congress.

"Greg Walden has the right philosophy and ability to carry on my work in Congress. In the legislature, he stood up for our way of life. I've known Greg for 27 years. He has what it takes to effectively represent us in Congress. He will make you proud of your vote."
Congressman Bob Smith

Walden "served nearly a decade in the Legislature, where he was House majority leader for two sessions. He was well-regarded by both Democrats and Republicans for his integrity and effectiveness."
The Bulletin (Bend), May 3, 1998

Quality Education Matters.

Walden helped pass legislation that helps families send their kids to college. Walden supports local control of schools--not federal control. He believes we need parents more involved in their child's education, smaller class sizes and top-notch teachers.

"Besides representing and protecting his district's agricultural and forestry interests, Walden also was a champion for locally controlled educational issues..."
Hood River News, April 21, 1998

Tax and IRS Reform Matter.

Walden helped write legislation that sent refund checks worth hundreds of millions of dollars to Oregonians. He also helped write legislation to reduce personal property and capital gains taxes, and he fought the sales tax.

The National Federation of Business (NFIB) has twice presented Walden with their Guardian of Small Business award for his work against higher taxes and more regulation.

"Greg understands that we need to make the tax system better, simpler, and a lot more fair. Whether it is through eliminating the inheritance tax or the marriage penalty, Greg is always looking for ways to help families keep more of their hard-earned money."
U.S. Senator Gordon Smith

Family Values Matter.

Greg Walden shares our values. He and his wife Mylene have always put their family first. Greg and Mylene help with their son Anthony's Cub Scout den. Mylene volunteers in the classroom each week, and Greg serves on the board of the local hospital. He is a lay reader in his church, and a member of Rotary and the Elks Club.

"Time and again we've called on Greg to help us solve problems, and he's always come through, promptly and effectively. He cares about people. We need him working for us in Congress."
Bev Rowland, Democrat,
Chairman, Hood River County Commission

Safer Communities Matter.

Walden helped pass some of the nation's toughest penalties on drug dealers who prey on kids, and he backed efforts to build prisons so that penalties finally meant something to those who break the law. Walden has earned the support of Sheriffs of Oregon and the National Association of Police Organizations.

"As a legislator, Walden didn't just talk about being committed to public safety. He went to Salem, and pushed legislation to make our communities safer and to stop the revolving door in our prisons."
Carl R. Burkhart,
Klamath County Sheriff

Water and Natural Resources Matter.

Growing up on a cherry orchard in The Dalles, and representing people from the Sandy River to the Snake River, Walden has a proven record of supporting people who make their living off the land. As our Congressman, he will fight the federal government when it tries to take away our water rights or when it runs roughshod over the industries that sustain our communities. He supports Congressman Smith's efforts to bring common-sense management to our forests and grazing lands.

"Greg Walden did an outstanding job working on behalf of farmers and ranchers while he was in the Legislature. We couldn't find a better replacement for Congressman Bob Smith."
Doug Breese, Prineville
Past president, Oregon Farm Bureau Federation

Other endorsements Walden has earned:

Oregon State Council of Senior Citizens-PAC

Sheriffs of Oregon

Gilliam County Judge Laura Pryor

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Associated Oregon Loggers

Former Governor Vic Atiyeh

Oregon Small Business Coalition

Former House Speaker Bev Clarno

National Rifle Association-Political Victory Fund

Oregon Association of Hospitals & Health Systems

Oregon Senate President Brady Adams

Oregon House Speaker Lynn Lundquist

...and many more.

Dear voter,
As your Congressman, I'll work hard to make sure your voice is heard in Washington, D.C. Working together we can make a real difference for the people of this district. I ask for your vote. Thank you.

Greg Walden

(This information furnished by Walden For Congress, Inc.)

Representative in Congress

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