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OCCUPATION: Foster Parent, Malheur County, Oregon State Office for Services to Children and Families (SOSCF)

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Retired from Idaho Department of Health and Welfare; Family Case Manager/ Developmental Specialist (SPEC. ED.), Payette, Idaho Child Development Center (CDC); Long Term Substitute Teacher, Milwaukee, WI; U.S. Postal Clerk, Milwaukee; Psychiatric Aid/Attendant Milwaukee County Mental Health Center; "Shop" Union Steward, Local 1055W, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees; Shift Supervisor and Developmental Specialist, Idaho State School and Hospital at Nampa; Organizer, Charter Member and First President of Idaho Service Employees Union, ISEU/SEIU #687, AFL-CIO; Charter Member, Alliance of Service Employees (ASE) Idaho, Oregon.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Wisconsin State Teaching Certification; Continuing Education, Special Education, and Social Work Credits from Boise State University; University of Southern Utah; Treasure Valley Community College, Ontario; Eastern Oregon State University, La Grande.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: U.S. Senatorial Clerk for U.S. Senator William Proxmire (Wis.); Congressional Clerk for U.S. Rep. Henry S. Reuss (5th District, Milwaukee, WI), candidate for Milwaukee District 13 House seat (lost by 5 votes); received over 45,000 votes spending less than $300 for Wisconsin State Treasurer (1972 Democratic Primary); Active in Presidential campaigns for Henry A. Wallace, Estes Kefauver, Adlai Stevenson, Eugene McCarthy, John & Edward (Ted) Kennedy, Gary Hart, Dr. Benjamin Spock, Jesse Jackson, Mary Cal Hollis, and Ralph Nader.

Drafted grandparent's rights plank of Socialist platform, initiated and supports grandparent rights for adoption especially after termination of parental rights. Candidate for State Senate District 30 (1996).

MEMBER:American Association of Retired Persons (AARP); Sierra Club; Malheur County Foster/Adoptive Parents Association; Coalition of Parents and Educators (COPE); Co-Founder Rohn Webb's Network for Grandparent Rights.

As your Congressman I will work for:

  • The creation of a progressive tax system; an end to corporate welfare.

  • Repeal of Taft-Hartley & Hatch Act, amend labor laws to prohibit hiring of permanent replacement workers, strengthen collective bargaining rights.

  • Repeal NAFTA and GATT, oppose MAI.

  • Human rights for all people, both internationally and domestically; end the practice of bestowing "Most Favored Nation" status to nations with human rights violations.

  • Put "social" back into social work. Government agencies that work with families and children must be adequately funded and accountable.
  • Shift emphasis to education rather prison construction.

  • Sustainable natural resource policy that includes a ban of clearcutting on both public AND private land; the creation of a "Superfund" for workers dislocated due to environmental transition; end the practice of locating unsustainable industrial production in minority communities.

  • Universal, single-payer health care. Quality health care is a BASIC right of all people; it should not be reserved solely for the rich and powerful.

Our nation is being held hostage by Corporate America. They tell us what to think, what to eat, what to buy and what to believe. They have corrupted the principle of government by, of, and for the people.

As citizens, we have two choices: We can continue to allow transnational corporations to usurp our democratic power or we can fight back. I am running for Congress because I believe that democratic power BELONGS IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE.

If you too are tired of having your democratic rights misappropriated by non-democratically elected Corporate CEOs and special interest lobbyists, then I urge you to send me to Washington to serve as your representative. You and I can truly make a difference; we can create positive, progressive change. Help me start the process of genuine democratic renewal by marking your ballot Rohn "Grandpa" Webb.



For more information about any candidates for the Socialist Party of Oregon contact:
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To Contact the Webb for Congress Campaign:
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(This information furnished by Rohn "Grandpa" Webb.)

Representative in Congress

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