State Representative


OCCUPATION: Vice President/Managing Director, The Ash Organization; Commercial Property Manager, Thunderbird Mobile Club.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Small businessman, broadcaster, oil rig worker.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Northern Arizona University, Pasadena City College.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Lake Oswego City Council, 1984 - 86.


STAN ASH ­ a leader who will fight to make our schools work better for our kids. Stan will work for:

"We need to put Stan's common sense to work for us. When Stan sees a problem, he looks for the unique solution. We need Stan on our team."

-State Senator Randy Miller, West Linn

STAN ASH -- a leader who will fight to make our government work harder for us. Stan Ash will work for:

  • Lower income taxes ­ Stan will do it the old fashioned way, by tightening Oregon's fiscal belt, eliminating unnecessary government programs, and implementing sound business practices.
  • Greater accountability and audits for Oregon's state agencies

"Nobody will work harder and more effectively for our schools and roads than Stan Ash. We really need him in Salem."

-Alice Schlenker, former Lake Oswego Mayor

STAN ASH ­ a leader who will fight for our rights and our families. Stan Ash will work for:

  • Safe neighborhoods ­ Stan will continue the fight against John Kitzhaber's plan to build prisons next to schools and homes.
  • Our fair share ­ Stan will fight to make the state clean up the mess at I-5 and Highway 217.

"Stan Ash is not afraid to take on the Governor and Department of Corrections to keep the prison out of our neighborhoods. That is the courage that counts."

-Melanie Pennington, Tualatin

(This information furnished by Friends of Stan Ash.)

Stan Ash has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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