State Representative


OCCUPATION: Management Consultant

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Business Consultant, 10 years professional alpine ski coach, broadcast radio personality and producer, farm laborer.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Master of Management, Willamette University, Atkinson Graduate School of Management; Bachelor of Science, Political Science and History, Cum Laude, Southern Oregon State College, Oregon Public Schools.


A New Generation of Leadership

Jason Atkinson's Commitment to Kids

"Nothing in life comes easy. It comes from the right education and hard work. It is up to us to make sure each generation receives the best education our tax dollars can buy. I'll fight in Salem for full and fair funding targeted to the classroom, local control of decisions that affect our children's education, parental involvement in our schools and 21st Century ideas to set a standard of excellence. I believe that Oregon colleges should be affordable to Oregon residents and nationally competitive."

Jason Atkinson's Commitment to Taxpayers

"I will move to reduce government; cut waste, duplication, inefficiency and hold the bureaucrats accountable for every tax dollar. I will fight to keep tax "Kicker" refunds coming back to our families. But that's not enough. I will work to enact meaningful tax cuts that force Salem to do more with less, not families."

Jason Atkinson's Commitment to law-abiding Citizens

"Strong families building strong communities are the first step to stopping crime. But strength can never come from fear. Therefore, I am committed to tougher laws and harsher jail time for drug dealers, violent criminals and repeat offenders. I support community intervention programs and local youth outreach initiatives to keep kids in schools and away from crime and drugs."

Jason Atkinson on the Economy

"We can not simultaneously grow the size of state government and Oregon's economy. A strong economy is based on lower taxes, less regulation, family wage jobs and our ability to grow small business."



(This information furnished by Friends of Jason Atkinson.)

Jason A. Atkinson has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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