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OCCUPATION: HOC Sectionhead for Fred Meyer, Inc.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: 23 years as NASA subcontractor for AlliedSignal Technical Services INC. in computer and satellite communications networks.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: HS GED, college courses in business administration.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: NASA (1969-1993 as subcontractor), USAF (1959-1963)

The United States became a powerful republic because the people believed in freedom, education and an excellent standard of living.


Today, our freedoms are being curtailed by a federal bureaucracy that runs our lives from Washington. The Constitution of the United States of America delineates the responsibilities of the U.S. Government and its role in States Rights. As citizens, we must assert our States Rights. Recently, the people of Oregon voted for right to die legislation. Now the Federal Government wants to negate the will of the people. Let us stop them!


Today, our schools turn out:

We need to turn this around by:

  • Providing more and better teachers.
  • Smaller class sizes.
  • More classrooms.

We must make our classrooms functional and safe for our children.

Today, the standard of living in Oregon is being eroded by:

  • An unhealthy environment.
  • Pollution of air and water.
  • Clogged roadways.
  • Insufficient water supply.

As citizens of Oregon we must establish guidelines for growth. These guidelines should set growth limits by researching maximum industrial population for a given area. Infrastructures (roadways, governments, social services, water supplies, sewage, etc) can only grow to a certain level.

(This information furnished by Marian Barnett.)

Marian Barnett has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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