State Representative


OCCUPATION: Group Life Coordinator for the Oregon Youth Authority.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: High-tech Sales; International Marketing; Recreation Management; Transportation Brokerage; Wild Land Firefighting


School­Rockaway; Southern Oregon State College -- Political Science & Physical Education

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: State republican Party Platform Caucus Chairman of Agriculture, Land Use, Property Rights, Forestry, and Fisheries & Fish Management.

Folks who know Scott Bushnell say

Scott is a hardworking, Independent thinking man of honesty and integrity.

Scott puts People before Politics.

Scott has been a active Member of Our Community his Entire Life.

Scott and his wife Kristin and their children Tyler and Janelle are great neighbors.

Scott has Experience with Education, Juvenile Correction, and Special Education.

Scott's brothers and sister are small business owners and workers right here in Oregon.

Scott worked weekends and nights to study Political Science at Southern Oregon State College.

Scott has worked hard for six year to be Our Next State Representative.

Scott's Goals as Your next REPRESENTATIVE.!

SENIOR CITIZENS - Provide relief for the Senior Citizens that are being taxed out of their homes.

EDUCATION - Proper funding for our public schools. Insuring school funding gets to the classrooms.

FAMILY WAGE JOBS - Encourage a climate for business that provides a real living wage jobs.

ENVIRONMENT - Protecting our Natural Resources and are Local Economy.

HIGHWAYS - Assuring road funds get to the roads so we can improve and repair our roads.

Who are Scotts Supporters?

People from all walks of life Teachers, Plumbers, Retired citizens, Dairymen, Loggers, Fishermen, Hunters, Social Workers, Public Employees, Veterans and Small Businessmen just like you and I who want a home town Representative they can call on.

Elect Scott Bushnell's his Past Present and Future are right here at Home in District 2.

From Scott
"Your views are important to me. Please feel free to call me at home with your ideas and concerns. 1-503-377-2771-- If you need to call collect do, your input is important to me"

(This information furnished by Team Bushnell.)

Scott R. Bushnell has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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