State Representative


OCCUPATION: Bank Accounting

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Assistant Manager of small business; Retail Marketing; Musician.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Elk Grove High School 1984; Mt. Hood Community College 1993.


Precinct Committee person 1992 to present; District 21 House Captain 1996 to present; Oregon Republican Party State Central Committee 1996 to present.

MIKE CARGILL: Community Involvement

Mike has proven himself committed to the local community;

1. Mike is a mentor at a local grade school.

2. Mike works with youth through church activities and outreaches.

3. Mike volunteered as a teen center board member.

4. Mike is a member of a multicultural community outreach.


Mike supports crime victims' rights and the full implementation of Measure 40.

"I believe justice must be swift and tough to serve as deterrent, helping keep schools and communities drug free."


Mike will vote to maintain local control on education and ensure stable funding with greater accountability.

"If education's our number one priority, why is it always funded during the final days of the session? Is this how the average family operates a budget? Let's put our kids first!"


Mike believes it's time retired senior citizens living on a fixed income see a reduction of their property taxes.

Mike supports the 2% kicker and will vote to make sure repayment for the state's mistake of overtaxing federal retirees comes from the general fund, not our kicker!

"I'll work to hold the line on increased taxes. My opponent sponsored legislation to either reduce or eliminate the kicker plus raise taxes, while claiming to, 'stop taxing working families into mediocrity.' Which do you want representing you in Salem?"

If we truly want change we need to stop voting for the same people who don't deliver!

Mike Cargill will be a fresh new voice for District 21!

Questions or input? Call 762-1790.

(This information furnished by Friends of Mike Cargill.)

Michael Cargill has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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