State Representative



OCCUPATION: Small Business/Farm Owner

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Sales Representative, Dental Assistant, Advocate for Oregon Women's League 1981, Campaign Manager

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: North Marion High School; One year of college; Graduate of Freeman's Institute Study Courses on U.S. Constitution; Alumnus of Institute of Basic Youth Conflicts

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Elected Chair of 5th Congressional District; Elected Reagan Presidential Elector; Elected Marion County Delegate State Central Committee 1980; Member Marion County Republican Party Executive Committee 1980-1982; Precinct Organizational Chair Marion County; Candidate Republican National Convention; Candidate, State Representative 1982; Elected alternate delegate, White House Conference on Families

Juley Gianella Bringing Common Sense to the Capitol

"Juley is a common sense, natural leader who will protect the interests of our district. Her hard working, compassionate personality is exactly what we need in Salem." ­Bob Withers, Owner Withers Lumber

Juley Gianella Protecting Taxpayers

Juley is a trustworthy small business owner who you can trust to protect your hard earned tax dollars. Juley supports returning over-collected state taxes that are owed to individuals and small businesses (the kicker). She feels that you can decide better how to spend that money than the government. After all, it's your money!

Juley Gianella Investing in Our Children

"I can think of no better repayment of the hard work that I intend to do in Salem, than when my 10 year old granddaughter is 22 years old and has the opportunity to land an outstanding job because she had a high quality, basic education in the Oregon school system."--Juley Gianella

"Juley Gianella at the capitol is a good vote for our kids."­Mary Halter, Teacher

Juley Gianella Protecting Our Neighborhoods

"Juley Gianella will be our legislative guardian when it comes to crime. Her dedication to strong sentencing standards and tough on criminals approach will make District 38 safer in our neighborhoods, for senior citizens and for our children."--Rudolf (Rudy) van Soolen, Amity Chief of Police

(This information furnished by Friends for Juley Gianella for State Representative.)

Juley Gianella has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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