State Representative


OCCUPATION: Businessman

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Retail Manager, 25 years


PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Precinct Committeeperson; Washington County Democrats Campaign Committee; West Beaverton Neighborhood Association, Transportation Committee, Chair; Lobbying for Northwest Tire Dealers Association; Beaverton Bicycle Interest Knowledge and Education Task Force; Shallowbrook Homeowners Association, President.

Our legislature has lost focus. They talk endlessly about the same things, yet take no action that moves us forward!

Dave Gil offers a simple 12 step program to get us moving again!

After a decision is made by the voters, MOVE ON!

Businesses must grow. Over regulation and meaningless procedures will stifle our economy.

Anybody who can work should, and jobs must be available to them.

Anybody who can't work must have a support system of medical treatment, education, food, and shelter that will enable them to find work while living with dignity.

Every full time job must support a family. No honest work is demeaning, and deserves respect.

Anybody who wants to must be able to own a home.

Provide the best education possible. The best comes from competition and options. Parents are best qualified to decide how their children will be educated.

Crime must be punished. Dave Gil supports 10-20-LIFE. USE A GUN AND YOU'RE DONE!

If we are going to imprison more people, we need more prisons, and they can't all be in Salem.

We must preserve the environment. Dave Gil will not use campaign lawn signs. They waste wood, use hazardous chemicals, and spoil our landscape.

Art must be encouraged. No effort of ours is at its' best without beauty.

Everybody must be involved in governance. Every person must be a part of decision making.

We need legislators who know what the voters want and have the courage to act. No one is going to do this for us. We must be active if we are going to progress.

Dave Gil can lead the way!

Vote for Dave Gil! Phone:643-0175 Fax:(503)371-1184

(This information furnished by Dave Gil.)

Dave Gil has agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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