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OCCUPATION: Co-Owner, Pill Punch; Cattle rancher

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Financial Officer; Real estate broker

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: BS and post-graduate studies (Finance), San Diego State University


JANE HUNTS: A common-sense approach to Southern Oregon's Toughest Problems

"It is absolutely essential that Jane Hunts be added to a strong team to fight for Southern Oregon in Salem. I look forward to working with her in the Legislature" SENATOR LENN HANNON

JANE HUNTS: A common-sense approach to BETTER SCHOOLS

"Three of Jane's grandchildren are in Oregon public schools. Jane wants to empower parents and teachers to encourage excellence and innovation to prepare our children for the 21st Century. She is committed to kids."

KEN LINDBLOOM, Medford School Board

JANE HUNTS: A common-sense approach to CRIME

"Until criminals live in fear of vigilant law enforcement and tough laws, decent, law-abiding citizens will live in fear. Jane will be a strong advocate for getting tough on criminals while standing up for the rights of crime victims."

C. W. SMITH, Former Jackson County Sheriff

JANE HUNTS: A common-sense approach to JOBS

"I support Jane Hunts because she knows good-paying jobs can only come from profitable businesses. Unfortunately, her opponent's voting record, which received only a 13% score from the National Federation of Independent Businesses, shows she doesn't understand this connection.

DEE SELBY, Reinholdt & O'Hara Insurance

JANE HUNTS: A common-sense approach to the ENVIRONMENT

"Jane will bring balance and insist on good science. Her commitment to the environment is shown in honors she has received for wildlife habitat development. She knows when private property is taken for public good, the owner must be compensated."


JANE HUNTS: A common-sense approach to TAXES

"Jane will insist on government efficiency and hold Salem accountable for every tax dollar. She will stop the attacks on our income tax "kicker" refund that have come from her opponent."


JANE HUNTS Exceptional Ability and a Common-Sense Approach ... For a Change

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Jane Hunts.)

Jane Hunts has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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