State Representative


OCCUPATION: Publisher.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Small businessman; federal government employee.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND:Thurston High School (1966); Univ. of Oregon (B.S., 1970); Harvard Business School (M.B.A., 1979).

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Legislative Assistant/ Timber Industry Liaison, Sen. Packwood's Office; International trade official in the Ford and Reagan Administrations.

PERSONAL: 49-year-old Lane County native, resident of Walterville; Acting Vice President, McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce; McKenzie Valley Residents Association.


We need ED KEMP in Salem. He'll listen to us and use common sense while fighting vigorously for District 44's interests in the legislature. Former Rep. Bill Rogers

ED KEMP ON TAXES: We don't need more taxes in Oregon; we need more efficient government. Refocus state spending on the essentials--education, police protection, and roads--and stop government from interfering so much in our lives.

ED KEMP ON EDUCATION: Rural school districts and the families they serve must not be sacrificed on the altar of equalization. Provide the tools teachers and administrators need to do their jobs and then hold them accountable.

ED KEMP ON CRIME: Government's basic duty is to protect law-abiding citizens. State police patrols, especially in rural areas, are stretched dangerously thin and the bad guys know it! Increase police patrol funding and we'll turn things around.

ED KEMP ON LAND USE: By restoring balance and common sense to land use policies, we can meet demands for housing, employment, recreation, and habitat preservation.

ED KEMP understands clearly and will work hard to promote the interests of families throughout District 44. He'll be a strong, effective defender of private property rights of citizens throughout Oregon. Sen. Bob Kintigh

ED KEMP ON GOVERNMENT EFFICIENCY: The State has no business being in business. Stop business welfare programs. Privatizing OLCC and other activities will produce better service at lower cost.

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(This information furnished by Committee of Ed's Friends.)

Ed Kemp has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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