State Representative


OCCUPATION: Vice President, Investment Officer; Dain Rauscher, Inc.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: 23 years Investment Professional

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: BS Economics, University of Oregon, 1976.


AL KING, and family live in the Mohawk Valley.


AL KING'S first priority is our kids. Providing good schools and keeping kids in school is the best way to steer them away from drugs and crime. We also need to hold young people accountable for their actions and work to keep juvenile criminals from becoming hardened offenders. As a parent, PTA President and community leader AL KING has proven his concern for Oregon's future generation.

AL KING understands a strong economy, healthy community, and clean environment must happen together. Much of Oregon's prosperity missed timber communities like Oakridge. As a proven business leader and advocate of Oregon's Department of Economic Development AL KING is the right choice.

AL KING supports our constitutional right to bear arms.

AL KING is an advocate for sustainable and environmentally sound forestry.

AL KING believes voters should receive the tax surplus kicker.

The Oregon Health Plan is an insurance lifeboat for senior citizens and Oregonians who cannot get health insurance through their employer. AL KING supports our Governor's pioneering efforts in creating the Oregon Health Plan.

As an author of a nationally recognized book advising older Americans about their financial affairs AL KING is an expert and a compassionate professional who understands senior citizen issues.


Oregon Education Association

Oregon State Council of Senior Citizens

Oregon League of Conservation Voters

Oregon Nurses Association

(This information furnished by Al King for State Representative Committee.)

Al King has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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