State Representative


OCCUPATION: Associate Broker

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Packing house, waitress, sign painter, real estate

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Medford Senior High, Southern Oregon State


I've met many of you through my involvement with the West Medford Community Coalition, PTA, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Little League, Red Cross, Rogue Valley Fellowship, working with handicapped, and the Medford Planning Commission. For you that I can't meet during my campaign, let me introduce some of my positions.

Hard times aren't an economic theory to me. I remember, as a single parent practicing thrift and watching my household budget, the foundation for my children's future lay in education. Today Oregon's economy is robust, but experience teaches that world market instability can mean recession within our state, which will mangle educational funding and state services. In anticipation of downturns I advocate the state retain accrued revenues. In a recession the state must, as a family must, rely upon reserves.

The Oregon Health Plan has established a national standard. Oregon can continue to lead the nation by adopting a Patients Bill of Rights until Congress musters the courage to address it at the national level.

I disagree with Bill Sizemore's attempts to disassemble unions and rid the voters of their voting tool, this very pamphlet. I support unions to exist without loss of rights and for the continuation of this pamphlet.

As a Planning Commissioner I realize state government can most impact our community by sustaining our growth management efforts. A sound infrastructure is vital to our economy and convenience. Roads that facilitate the flow of traffic and commerce must be funded and the last legislature failed us by blocking the governors' transportation package. A gas tax is the least painful choice to fund our infrastructure and I won't evade hard choices with a platitude to study it further.

If elected I'll do everything I can to make Medford a place we can ALL be proud of.

Thank you.

(This information furnished by Melody Kolb.)

Melody Kolb has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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