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OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Private Law Practice; Logging during the summers to pay for college.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Coos Bay Public Schools (Marshfield High School 1971); Linfield College (1975); Willamette University School of Law (1978).

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Oregon House of Representatives (1995-1998); Oregon School Board Association Board of Directors (1991-1994); Coos Bay School Board (1980-1994).

FAMILY WAGE JOBS: Mike Lehman believes that attracting family wage jobs to rural Oregon is a critical issue for the South Coast.

QUALITY EDUCATION FOR OUR CHILDREN: Mike Lehman is committed to stable funding for our schools. Mike knows a quality education is essential for our children.

BETTER ROADS AND HIGHWAYS: As Vice-Chair of the Transportation Committee, Mike Lehman worked to make The Oregon Department of Transportation responsive and efficient. He is also a strong advocate of better funding for roads and highways. Mike Lehman believes that good transportation is very important to the economic well being of the South Coast.


Last session Mike Lehman, along with Representative Terry Thompson, wrote and passed the bill creating the Oregon Salmon License Plate which raises money for Oregon Parks and salmon recovery. He also worked on legislation to attract NUCOR Steel to the South Coast and to build a gas pipeline to the Bay Area. In the past two sessions Mike Lehman has been an effective advocate for rural Oregon.


Mike Lehman was born and raised on the South Coast. He lives here with his wife Deb and their two children, Matt and Brad. Mike has been actively involved in the community through many youth and volunteer organizations. Mike is a member of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce and the SWOYA Boys and Girls Club Board of Governors.

"As your State Representative I've worked hard to be an effective voice for the South Coast. I would like to continue to serve as your State Representative."

Mike Lehman

(This information furnished by Mike Lehman.)

Mike Lehman has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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