State Representative


OCCUPATION: Small business owner, Uptime Technology, Inc.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Marketing Manager, electronics company; Manufacturing Engineering, Intel Corp.; biochemistry research.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Medford High School; B.S. Biochemistry-Biophysics, Oregon State University; attended Oregon Graduate Center.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Oregon State Representative 1995-98; Yamhill County Planning Commission; Newberg-Dundee Transportation Oversight Steering Team; Oregon Department of Transportation Efficiency Committee.

PERSONAL: Lifelong Oregonian. Married 24 years to my best friend and business partner, Don.

PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT Less Government, More Accountability

Our main legislative goals are better schools, more prison capacity, aid to disadvantaged citizens while making government accountable for keeping taxes and spending under control. WE DID IT. I fulfilled my pledge of a balanced budget without raising taxes. We provided property tax relief and refunded 635 million dollars in surplus taxes back to taxpayers.

I'm continuing to work with Oregon's Transportation Department for improved roads through greater efficiency and for congestion relief for Yamhill County highways.

Better Schools

Our children received record education funding: 59% of the budget committed to schools, including more textbooks and computers in the classroom. We made college education more accessible for more Oregon students by freezing tuition.

Safer Neighborhoods

I'll fight for making our homes safer with stronger sex offender registration and notification laws and by holding criminals accountable to victims.

Economic Opportunity for Oregon Families

With a record income tax refund we encouraged small business opportunity, economic expansion and more jobs for Oregonians.

Protecting Landowners' Rights

I fought to require government to notify landowners about new regulations that may restrict your rights and reduce your property value. Planning should be a partnership between local government and landowners.

The Promise of Tomorrow

The next Legislature will begin to define Oregon government for the 21st Century. I pledge to work for a better future for every taxpayer and every working family by fighting for efficient government, more accountability, equitable school funding and safer neighborhoods.


(This information furnished by Citizens for Leslie Lewis.)

Leslie Lewis has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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