State Representative


OCCUPATION: V.P., Litty Funeral Directors

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Financial Advisor, Bank One/First USA; Presidential Escort, United States Army

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: MBA in Global Management, University of Phoenix, currently enrolled; Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry, University of Oregon, June 1997


The economy of Southwestern Oregon is in transition. The ongoing debates about the logging and fishing industries reinforce our need to attract new industries into our district. Our strategy should consist of creating adequate access to the I-5 corridor, allowing for incentives to attract 'clean industries' into our area, and preparing our children for this new work place.

Everyone can agree that a good education benefits us all by giving our children the most important thing we can; a future. We need a progressively fair system to pay for our educational system. The most important thing we can do for our schools is to restore them to full funding without jeopardizing the economic security of our citizens. It is time to reinvest in our children.

Too many Oregon families do not have adequate health care. I believe in the Oregon Health Plan and would work to see full implementation of it. Affordable healthcare for all Oregon residents just makes good sense. We must assure all Oregonians the best healthcare possible, guaranteeing quality and educating ourselves so that we understand and can navigate our HMO's.

We face a complex and difficult time right now. Police Departments face dwindling budgets and forces while still having the same areas to cover. We are building prisons across the state, but the real solution lies in raising healthy children in healthy families that do not break the law. We need our policing programs to be community based using prevention and intervention to prevent crime. Educating our children will pay big rewards down the road.

(This information furnished by Jon Litty.)

Jon Litty has agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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