State Representative


OCCUPATION: Retired peace officer

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Planning, supervision and management.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Pepperdine School of Business. (B.S. 1975)

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Northwest Oregon Economic Alliance (Executive Committee); Chair & Vice-Chair Columbia 5J School District Board of Education; Columbia County Jail Committee; Chairman Nicholai-Wickiup Watershed Council; Clatsop County Planning Commission; District Commissioner Boy Scouts of America; Clatsop County Board of Equalization; Chairman Port of Astoria Budget Committee; Clatsop Community College Budget Committee; Clatsop County Juvenile Detention Facility Task Force; Clatsop County Sheriff's Posse.

MILITARY: U.S. Marine Corps.

PERSONAL/FAMILY: Age 57, married 37 years to Myrna Patrick, a Seaside Oregon native; one married son, one granddaughter.

Funding Education... A First Priority,

Nothing is more important to Oregon's future than it's children... well educated children.

Sam believes:


Allow People To Keep More Of What They Earn.

State tax collections are higher than ever.

Sam believes:

  • The Legislature should resist any new taxes.
  • Gas taxes should be more fairly distributed.
  • The personal tax refund ("The Kicker") should continue to be returned to Oregonians.

It's the Law.

  • The State Legislature should reduce regulations on small business.
  • Submerged land lease fees must be equatable.

Criminal Justice... Working For Safer Neighborhoods.

Sam believes:

  • More emphasis must be placed on early juvenile intervention programs.
  • Juvenile violence must end. Penalties for violent juvenile behavior need to be stiffer.
  • Penalties for child molestation and selling drugs to children must be increased.
  • Child abuse must be clearly defined and dealt with firmly.
  • The Criminal Justice System must be adequately funded.

Lets be in the majority, vote Sam Patrick.

(This information furnished by Sam Patrick.)

Sam Patrick has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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