State Representative


OCCUPATION: Software Developer

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Contract Programmer, Lab Assistant, Networking Consultant, Systems Programmer, Software Engineer

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Widener University, 1991

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Membership Director, Libertarian Party of Oregon (1996-1997); Judicial Committee Member, Libertarian Party of Oregon (1997-Present); Multnomah County Coordinator, Libertarian Second Amendment Caucus (1997-Present)

Won't Compromise On Principles

Solutions for Education: Josh believes that increasing the choices available to parents and kids will help them get the education they need. When only half of the money put into the school system actually reaches the classroom, perhaps it's time to redesign the way we educate.

Solutions for Neighborhoods: Why do we support urban planners that feel the only way to manage growth is to stack us like cordwood? Sure, it expands the tax base, but it leads to overused roads, and the depersonalization of our neighborhoods. It is time to reject the social engineering they call "growth management" and find alternatives enabling people to get the homes they want and the neighborhoods they need.

Solutions for Crime: Too often violent criminals are let out of jail to make room for those who have committed victimless crimes. Let's put the real criminals in jail and make our streets safe again. In addition, Josh will defend the right of Oregonians to protect themselves and their loved ones from these predators.

Solutions for the Environment: Josh believes that when individuals damage the environment, they are liable for repairing it. Josh will protect the right to due process for Oregonians and resist current one-size-fits-all regulations.

Solutions for Small Businesses: Oregonians deserve an economy based on free trade and responsibility unfettered by miles of red tape and regulations that increase expenses and do not serve the customer. For example, the Washington Times reports that 29,911 words are devoted to regulating the sale of cabbage. Do we need this?

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(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Joshua R. Poulson.)

Joshua R. Poulson has not agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this General Election under ORS 260.180.

State Representative

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